Thursday, March 1, 2012

Venom #13.4

It's spider night as I'll be reviewing Venom and Amazing Spider-Man... First up we have Venom. This is the penultimate issue of the Circle of Four storyline, as well as the issue we get regular series writer Rick Remender back after a three issue hiatus. Let's get in to it.

Venom #13.4:

Summary: The Spirit of Vengeance(the literal Spirit itself) goes flying around looking for a new host since Bad-Ass Ghost Rider had died last issue. Unfortunately for the Spirit, it gets captured by Blackheart's girlfriend, who brings it to Blackheart as a present. While Blackheart is trying to bond with the Spirit, he's also manipulating Daimon Hellstrom into not helping Dr. Strange hold Hell back any longer. Without Daimon's assistance, Strange and Daimon are both captured. Meanwhile, Venom, X-23, Bad-Ass Ex-Ghost Rider and Red Hulk make a plan to swipe the Spirit from Blackheart and get it to re-bond with Bad-Ass Ex-Ghost Rider(I think)... Instead, Venom winds up stealing the Spirit for himself(due to Blackheart's corrupting influence, and Bad-Ass Ex-Ghost Rider tells Blackheart that the others were trying to reverse Blackheart's portal to Hell. This issue ends with Venom, now combined with the Spirit of Vengeance, preparing an assault on a surprised Blackheart.

Thoughts: This was a pretty strong issue. All of the characters here seemed to hate Bad-Ass Ex-Ghost Rider, much like myself, so that was fun to read. However, Venom's dialogue in this issue was really weird... Whenever the symbiote would take control of Flash, he'd/it'd speak like Bizarro from Superman... I don't know what that was all about, but it did bug me a bit. Besides that though, no real complaints from me, so we'll move on.

Score: 7 1/2 out of 10.
venom #13.4


  1. First, I wasn't too sure what the plan was either. It seemed like X-23 wanted to give the spirit of vengeance back to that girl because she was destined or some crap. Rulk (what Spidey calls Red Hulk) and Venom wanted to give the spirit of vengeance back to Johnny Blaze because that girl was unfit for the job. Second, I am not sure that it was just Venom in that Ghost Rider scene in the end. The red in the costume, the smash line, and the sheer size made me think it might be the Rulk or both in there (however that would work).

  2. "I am not sure that it was just Venom in that Ghost Rider scene in the end." You know? That's actually an interesting idea... That somehow Flash and Red Hulk combined with the Spirit, thus giving us what we saw on the final page here. Realistically though, with the movie on the horizon, it doesn't matter who has the Spirit now, because you have to believe in the end Johnny is getting the Spirit back at the end of this one.

  3. I really hope so. I looked at this as being teased that Johnny will get the spirit back only for it to end with it going back to that one annoying girl.

  4. Yeah, I'd say it's a toss-up right now... Giving it back to Johnny makes the most sense due to the movie, but they sure did push Bad-Ass Ghost Rider hard the first few issues of this storyline, so who knows...

  5. It would be funny if Remender tells Rob Williams "Hey, I know you had some problems with your Ghost Rider comic but I think I can help you.

    *takes spirit away from Bad-Ass Ghost Rider, gives it back to Johnny Blaze*

    There, a vast improvement."

  6. HA!!! And Rob Williams is just standing there with his arms out going, "But... But, how does THAT help?!?" :D