Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Ultimate X-Men #8

Last review of this evening is the latest issue of Ultimate X-Men. I'm still extremely hopeful about this series, especially considering who the writer is and the fact that we don't have the idiotic “No More Mutants” rule to follow here, but so far this series, while good at times, hasn't quite reached that “great” plateau... Here's hoping the greatness starts............ Now!

Ultimate X-Men #8:

Summary: This issue opens with Valerie Cooper meeting with Nick Fury, mainly to complain about the fact that Fury had allowed Karen Grant(that would be Jean Grey) to fall into the hands of Xorn and Zorn... While Valerie is complaining, Nick shocks her by having Karen walk into their office, even though Karen was supposed to be on the other side of the world in the Celestial City. Karen explains to Valerie that she was powerful enough to trick the entire world into thinking she was in the Celestial City, including anybody who thought they saw video footage of her. Valerie is thrown for a loop and leaves the office, at which point Nick has Karen force Valerie to forget ever seeing Karen there. From there we head to Xorn, who asks to see Karen. We learn that in actuality Karen was physically with Xorn, and had sent a telepathic manifestation to fool Nick Fury into thinking she was actually with him. This issue ends with Karen changing into her true Jean Grey form and swearing her allegiance to Xorn.

Thoughts: Well, there were a few interesting little things going on here. Unfortunately, I don't care about the SEAR, Celestial Cities, or Xorn/Zorn... So yeah, that definitely hurt my enjoyment of this one. If you liked the Ultimate Hawkeye mini-series from a few months ago, then this is a must read comic. If, like me, you weren't a big fan of that mini, then this issue probably isn't going to be very impressive to you.

Score: 6 1/2 out of 10.
ultimate x-men #8
So wait, this is a double-double cross?!


  1. Confused, who is corn in this universe? Whats the celestial city ? And why is the ultimate universe reboot (that began with such great promise after the Loeb era) showing us convoluted stories that seem like the lost product of the bad 90s stories? (90s had it's "onslaught" of good stories :D).

  2. Ugh... Xorn... I can't stand him in ANY universe! Xorn and Zorn are twin brothers(yes, Xorn and Zorn...) who were experimented on by the leadership of the SEAR(South Eastern Asian Republic... I think that's right...). The SEAR wanted their own force of powerful mutants and were creating a serum to both create and take away mutant powers. Xorn and Zorn overthrew the SEAR gov't and created two floating cites(the Celestial and Eternal). From there they invited anybody who wanted to live in one of those cites the chance to relocate. I think Xorn is the pacifistic and Zorn is more aggressive, but I honestly can't recall... Most of the Xorn/Zorn stuff took place in the Ultimate Hawkeye mini which I wasn't very fond of, so my facts here might not be 100%...

    That last question is a great one, Average One... Oh, and the way you fit "onslaught” in there? Brilliant! :D I really liked the Ultimate X book. A lot! And then they did a soft reboot on the Ultimate line and it really hasn't been as good as it could be... Seriously, get rid of the SEAR nonsense, fix the mess that the Ultimates has become, and tell some stories that make actual sense! It can't be that hard, can it? There's SO much that can be done in the Ult. Universe, especially with the mutants, and so far all we’ve gotten is MORE William Stryker, MORE Sentinels and Xorn!

  3. ugh why am i not reading this.......
    love the ultimate universe right now SO damn much! at the end of todays issue of ultimates the hulk droped in to the city of tomorrow from satilite orbit, ultimate reed proved once and for all that he is the biggest dick in the history of all the marvel universes....... yeah some shit went down!

    anyways this seems relevent
    this may be my fav jean grey portiat ever
    done by Eric basaldula (howeeverthefuckyouspellhisnamelol)
    yeah behold supurbry

  4. Go watch the newest avengers trailer and give me your thoughts! I'd link it but i am at work :-( You can get it on youtube.

  5. heres the avengers trailer mr Trapp suggested

    i am very disturbed by how overpowered thor seems to be by ironman :(
    hopefuly thor will just get right back up after thoose 2 blows like a Boss.
    other than that i think evrey thing looks great.

    so yeah whatcha thinking X-man

  6. If you're enjoying the Ultimates I'd definitely recommend this series, Movieartman. There's definitely some crossover stuff going on since the Ultimate U seems smaller than the 616 Marvel U.

    Yeah, that trailer? It looks totally awesome. There's not a single thing I can think to nitpick about... Well, except that Hawkeye just sort of seems to be there for no real reason, but everything else? Phenomenal!

  7. yeah my Photoshop teacher was expressing to me his worries that hawkeye would get shafted into the background in this film, and others are suggesting he will be the films death.
    my theory........ theres that shot of widow swing around and kicking someone hard. we brefley see an arm. it looks like the wirst peice hawkeye has. i thinking its ether skrull hawyeye, or loki possessing hawkeye

  8. Totally agree with you here. There is so much potential with the ultimate universe but instead It's like they introduce us the clone saga (this ultimate u reboot) To compensate for showing the horrors of one more day (Loeb's ultimate u). It really doesn't work that way but like the clone saga it has potential. Let's just hope that the writers realize it and get back to their senses before it's too late!

  9. I got goosebumps when i saw that trailer. Hulk catching Iron man and smashing the building just put me over the edge. I CAN NOT WAIT!! Also, i wish hawkeye had at least a line or 2, rather than looking mad and bored. Hoping that widow and he have all kinds of tension throughout and ends with one of them being a traitor or something. Anyhow... Ahem.. AVENGERS ASSEMBLE!

  10. Ugh, if Hawkeye dies/turns evil/is a Skrull in this movie? I riot! Plain and simple! Sure, I doubt I'd do much damage to anything, but I will! >:/ Besides the lack of Hawkeye though, everything else was GOLD here. The FX in this movie look incredible! I mean the Iron Man scenes looked absolutely fantastic! I can no wait for this one!

    Idk, Average One... I know a lot of people really like Jonathan Hickman's work and all, but I think he tends to write his stories too crazy/complex for the Ultimate Universe in it's current state. As the writer of the Ultimates, which is, to me at least, the premiere Ultimate Marvel title, he kind of sets the pace. What they need are some simple stories to set WHY the Ultimate U is different from the 616 U... Not all sorts of insane twists and turns, rogue mutant controlled floating cities, Asgardian gods battling Reed Richards from the future and the rest. Simple would be the way to go. Grab the fans attention! Don't turn them away due to confusion! I say all of this as somebody who REALLY wanted the Ultimate line to come back strong, but sadly, I think it's probably too far gone by this point...

  11. I just read this. Calling it now: Xorn = prof X, Zorn = Magneto. Makes sense on a lot of levels. Will be interesting to see if the reincarnated characters were illusions created by the Xorns, or if they are going to totally retcon Ultimatum.

  12. Huh. That DOES work! Plus it would be a slight tip of the cap to the 616 Marvel U, with the Xorn/Zorn/Mags thing. If that does happen, I really have to remember to give you props in one of these reviews! As for Ultimatum, I said it once, and I'll say it again... I am a HUGE stickler for continuity. But in the case of Ultimatum? I'd be fine if Marvel ignored it. Well, except for Wolverine dying. I like having a younger version of Wolvie, without all of the baggage around. Although Wolvie coming back is probably the easiest thing to retcon...