Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Defenders #3

Okay, we're at the bottom of the comic pile, and as such have the comic books I'm not all that keen on reading... Defenders has been... strange since it started up, what with the odd storyline and many of the characters acting out of character. I'm still REALLY pulling for this title to make it, because it COULD be a nice change from the dozens of Avengers or X-Men team books plaguing the comic market... Let's see if Matt Fraction can get things to make some semblance of sense here...

Defenders #3:

Summary: With Nul rapidly approaching the... um, weird machine at the heart of Wundagore Mountain, it's up to the Defenders to stop Nul from destroying the machine, which could possibly destroy all of reality. Or at least that's what Prester John was hoping would occur. You see, John had built himself a spacecraft and planned on fleeing the Earth with the New Men before Nul attacked the machine and broke reality(presumably). While the Defenders tried(unsuccessfully I might add) to stop Nul, John blasted off, but was followed by the Silver Surfer, who wasn't going to allow John to leave unscathed. The Surfer manages to use his Power Cosmic to force John's ship far into space, where it would never reach any other planet. Back at the machine, Nul has gotten past the Defenders and the only thing standing between Nul and the destruction of the machine(and possibly all of reality) was the machine's mysterious guardian. Before Nul could make any hostile move towards the machine, the mysterious guardian... um, waved his hands at Nul and made him vanish from existence... Huh. With the threat over and done with(apparently...), the Defenders ponder what they should do next, and are shocked when Dr. Strange suggests stealing the machine.

Thoughts: Well that was pretty anti-climatic! Seriously, some weird, random little man made one of the Serpent's most powerful minions simply vanish? From reality?! Just like that?!? I don't know what I was expecting here, but that definitely wasn't it... So far this storyline just hasn't done it for me... I don't get why Prester John was leading the New Men, I don't get the little man with the omega hands, and I was quite annoyed that Nul went away that easily. Seeing as this is one of Marvel's $4 comics, I need to see more out of this series, or it's gonna wind up on the scrapheap...

Score: 5 1/2 out of 10.
defenders #3
Really? It's THAT easy?! I bet Odin feels like a chump!

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