Thursday, February 23, 2012

Morning Glories #16

Ah, here's a comic I truly love reading when it comes out! This'll be the first non-Marvel review of the week, and here's hoping THIS is the comic to finally get me a perfect score for 2012!

Morning Glories #16:

Summary: Okay, this is an all Casey and Guidance Councilor(why did I cap that?) Hodge issue... We discover that Hodge had managed to get Casey back into the past after that strange ritual from a few issues ago. Unfortunately, the two wound up in an army base... Fortunately, Hodge has some kind of weird telepathy, and makes the soldiers let her and Casey go free. Hodge gives Casey a bag with some clothes, money and a note that tells Casey EXACTLY what she needed to do to help herself, her family and friends. Besides that, Hodge reveals that Casey can also control the minds of others... Huh... With that, Hodge tells Casey to run, and Hodge herself returns to Morning Glories Academy. As for Casey, she does as she was told by Hodge, and uses her newfound powers to escape the army base(and her own father). Casey heads to an airport and books a flight for New York City, ending this one.

Thoughts: Well this was weird... It was good and all(as usual), but everything that happened here was just damn weird! I guess that's par for the course with this series though. So now Casey has been sent back in time, and has some sort of instructions from Hodge that will, I'd imagine, help the rest of the Morning Glories kids in the present... Man is time travel hard to write about! Now, while this WAS a good issue and all, I can't shake the feeling that this issue may well be the catalyst to end this series... I mean I haven't heard that this series was getting canned or was gonna end or anything, but IF Nick Spencer and Joe Eisma wanted to pull the plug, Casey escaping Morning Glories sure as hell would be the way to start knocking down those dominoes and bringing this series to a close... Here's hoping that doesn't happen for a very long time though...

Score: 8 out of 10.
morning glories #16
So the Morning Glories kids and faculty have telepathy? Or is it hypnosis... Or is it only Casey??


  1. I don't think Morning Glories is ending any time soon it just feels like a kind of tip if the iceberg thing right now.
    I swear everytime i read an issue of this series i feel more confused than when i was watching lost and you know how confusing that was to keep up with.
    Also if Casey is in the past, when we see her in the present i bet she's gonna be all grown up which can't possibly be good for her status in the "group" or maybe she's gonna become a faculty or whatever.

  2. I definitely hope this series keeps going! The mystery here is one of the better one in all of comics.

    Since Casey was dropped off like 10-13 years in the past, in the present she SHOULD be what, like 25-30 or so? On top of that, she should be PRETTY powerful. I'm REALLY curious to see when she pops up again and what role she has to play now(as well as what was in that note from Hodge...).

  3. Exactly, she's gotta be in her late twenties/early thirties now and you know she's pretty damn powerful. I'm just wondering how much it would have differed with Hunter there, but to be honest this story still doesn't interest me as much as what was happening with Zoe, but luckily we get that in the next issue.

  4. Good point with Hunter... Why was his inclusion so important to what ever it was that Hodge had planned? Maybe he was supposed to have a kid with Casey that would take down MGA from the inside? I guess we'll never know now... And you know I agree about the Zoe thing, JT... I can't WAIT to see what the hell really went down at the end of the last issue!