Friday, February 3, 2012

X-Factor #231

Last review for the night? X-Factor. Let's get it out of the way!

X-Factor #231:

Summary: Madrox finds himself now on a world where the streets were being patrolled by massive Iron Man Sentinels. One of the IM Sentinels realizes that Madrox was an extra-dimensional anomaly and takes him to it's leader, Tony Stark. Tony tells Madrox why this world was such a mess, basically during the House of M, Wanda cast a “No More Humans” spell that decimated the human population, leaving only a few humans left to stand against the rule of the Earth's mutants. Tired of fighting a losing battle, Tony wants to go with Madrox back to the regular 616 Marvel U. Before Madrox can say anything, Tony's office is attacked by Deathlok(actually Steve Rogers!!!) and Mr. Tryp. Tony Iron Man's up and attacks evil cyborg Cap, leaving Madrox to demand answers from Tryp, who he believes knows more about Madrox's trip through the multi-verse than he was letting on. Tryp speaks cryptically, and before Madrox can glean anything useful, he's knocked out the window by Deathlok-Cap and Iron Man, and falls to his death... Or does he?!? I'll answer that one for you, no, he doesn't. Madrox awakens in ANOTHER dimension where it seems Dr. Strange(or possibly Dormammu) had become an evil Sorcerer Supreme, who wanted to kill his disciple, you guessed it, Madrox!

Thoughts: I've said this many a time around here, but it bears repeating... I LOVE alternate dimensional storylines! Especially good alternate dimensional storylines! And this storyline? It definitely fits that bill. Sure, we could have seen some more from the other X-Factor members, especially after last issue's bombshell with Havok and Polaris showing up, but the Madrox story was so good I have no real complaints.

Score: 8 1/2 out of 10.
x-factor #231
Evil Deathlok-Cap rules all!!!


  1. It seems just as reasonable that Wanda could have said "No more humans" considering she was in a pretty fragile state and could probably be pushed in many directions. Deathlok-Cap was pretty awesome.

  2. Exactly! I have no qualms with Wanda going the other way, because as you stated, Jermox, she was a basketcase at the time, and very well could have uttered ANY number of words.

    I'm all for a Deathlok-Cap mini-series!! Marvel, make it happen! :D

  3. It might be kind of a bore since all he does is go around killing helpless humans.

  4. Each issue that comes out with Madrox in another dimension mkaes we both want it to go on forever cause its so much fun to read and want his misery to end and find out what the hell is happening. Brilliant writing by David, definitely a great.

  5. HA! Be that as it may, Jermox, I'd still buy it! I'd probably complain about it("And Deathlok-Cap kills some humans... Again...") but I'd definitely pick it up! :D

    This storyline with Madrox has been so good it makes me wish Marvel would give PAD an Exiles-like series starring Madrox, where he wanders the multi-verse coming across all sorts of alternate characters and situations. That's another series I'd happily pick up!