Friday, February 10, 2012

Daken: Dark Wolverine #21

First review of the night will be the comic I ALMOST chose as my Runt of the Litter, Daken. This series is limping towards it's finale, and I'm STILL hoping for some old Daken awesomeness before this series comes to a close...

Daken: Dark Wolverine #21:

Summary: After stopping by to see Reed Richards, Daken learns that due to his abuse of that Heat drug, his healing factor was attacking his healthy cells and that he was dying. Reed tells Daken that he probably had a few weeks left to live, and that Reed would be willing to offer any assistance he could. Daken laughs at that offer and declares that he'd live or die on his own accord, not being obligated to Reed or anybody else. From there he heads to X-Mansion(I can still call it that, right?) and sneaks in during the night, forcing Wolverine to drink a drop of Heat. Wolvie chases Daken off of the school grounds, at which point Daken hops into a helicopter(that was conveniently located outside the school fence...), and is followed by Wolvie, who hitches a ride. Wolvie begins to hallucinate due to the drugs in his system, and Daken pilots the helicopter to New York City. When Wolvie comes down off of his drugs, Daken sets off several bombs around the city. When asked why he'd do such a thing, Daken tells Wolvie it was because superheroes were stupid.

Thoughts: Um, okay... So now Daken is dying. Sure, why not. That right there is a surefire way to royally piss me off, but I'm not going to throw a hissy fit or anything, because I don't think Marvel would be shortsighted enough to kill Daken off... That seems like a huge waste. Besides the death angle, we had Daken tormenting Wolverine, which is always fun. I still don't like the way Rob Williams writes Daken(what the hell was up with the way he wrote that Human Torch/Daken scene?!), but what can I do? Here's hoping this series concludes with a bang.

Score: 6 1/2 out of 10.
daken dark wolverine #21
I guess the bromance is over...


  1. He can't die he was in Deadpool 50! Which can't have happened before this issue because he was in LA and before that in Madripoor.

  2. I am absolutely hoping that logic is right... Because if Daken dies, I will be SOOOOO angry!

  3. Yup, he sure is, Jermox... That sure didn't take very long, now did it? I think he came back in Fantastic Four #600.

  4. Well then I might agree with Daken there. Real people stay dead and Johnny standing there is simply an insult. They could of at least kept him dead for a year. Does that mean Spider-Man is gone from FF because I'm not a fan of that costume.

  5. The fact that Johnny came back THAT quickly is really ridiculous. Seriously, if he was gonna come back that quickly, why even pretend he had died? Why not say he was captured or lost or anything else? I mean I'm fine that he came back, I've always liked him, but it's the speed at which he came back that bugs me.

    As for Spidey, I THINK(and I could be wrong on account of me not reading either Fantastic Four book) he's still a member of the FF team, but not a member of the Fantastic Four. But I definitely COULD be wrong...

  6. Let's face it! Daken was awesome as a character! But he sliced The Punisher and he was bisexual! too much complain for disney i guess!! It's sad, because for the first time ..I thought WOW!!! Marvel really have a awesome character now...What a shame!!

  7. Daken is still an awesome character, Julien. He's so unique. Seriously, there's not many characters out there like him. I think the problem is more that there aren't many writers who "get" Daken, more than Disney saying anything. I actually haven't heard of Disney saying anything to Marvel about any characters/stories. But besides Dan Way and Marjorie Liu, every other writer has done a horrible job writing Daken. I think that's more the problem than anything else. Bad writing.