Wednesday, February 22, 2012

New Comic Day! February 22nd edition

Hey there X-Maniacs! As luck would have it the comic gods smiled on me and gave me off from work today, meaning I was able to hit the comic shop nice and early to pick up this week's books! Huzzah! Here's hoping I get EVERY Wednesday off! Before we go any further, I'd ask anybody reading this post to check out something my buddy and co-writer here at the blog wrote about my favorite comic book series, Avengers Academy. He did a fantastic job summing up why that series is so awesome, and why everybody should give it a shot. Here's a link to JT's post.

Okay, with that taken care of, here's the comics I walked out of the comic shop with this week... Green Lantern: New Guardians #6, Justice League Dark #6, Teen Titans #6, Voodoo #6, Morning Glories #16, Avengers Academy #26, Avengers Solo #5, Captain America and Bucky #627, Deadpool #51, Magneto: Not A Hero #4, Mighty Thor #11, New Mutants #38, Secret Avengers #23, Uncanny X-Force #22, Venom #13.3, Wolverine and the X-Men #6, X-Men Legacy #262. So 17 books this week... That's definitely more than I wanted to see... What happened to the good weeks of 13 or 14 books? On the plus side, we have some REALLY good comic books here... On the flipside? There are also a few books that I seriously considered leaving at the shop due to how craptacular they promise to be...

First up, this week's Pick of the Litter, or the comic I most want to read... There are several Pick-worthy comics sitting here in front of me, but I have to go with the book that hasn't let me down yet, my favorite comic book currently being published, Avengers Academy #26. Morning Glories & Deadpool are also two books I'm also really keen on reading. On the other side of the fence is the Runt of the Litter... That (dis)honor goes to Uncanny X-Force #22... Yes, a comic that was ALMOST my pick for series of the year in 2011 is now my Runt two months into 2012... How times have changed... Seriously, the current storyline is so mindbogglingly bad, I very nearly stuck this one back on the rack at the comic shop. Justice League Dark & Venom were close to being the Runt, but I'm holding out hope that this is the issue where JLD turns the corner, and I have WAY more confidence in Jeff Parker to tell a decent Venom story than I did Rob Williams, who wrote the past two issues. Now, a few quick notes before I go... I'm not sure if I'll be reading Green Lantern: New Guardians #6, if I was reading it, it would have been the runaway winner of Runt of the Litter for the week, but if I DO read it, I'll definitely be reviewing it using Brightest Day Rules. Finally, I'll try to get a review for Flash #6 up as well... The GOOD Flash #6 that is... With about 17 books to read and review this week, Expect 2 reviews a night with a few three review nights thrown in there when I have the time. And that is that. Later on tonight(much later on tonight) I'll have review up and posted for Avengers Academy #26 as well as Deadpool #51. Until then? X out.


  1. well sups. ok The Mighty Thor was Very good this week, twas simple but good, best issue so far this Arc.
    we get a rematch between tanarus and Himedall (he was beat WAY too easily last issue). the all mothers standing around being really damn tall. starks rebuilt Asgard is revealed. Thor Fighting his way inside the Demogorge. one chracter Freaks the Fuck out on some people, fallowed by a creepy as hell reveal about said character. so yeah good issue.

    secret avengers.......... Captain Britian's Dick Atitude is possesing hawkeye or somthing cus damn he is being a dick to cap and venom in this issue

    i know u dont read aquaman but i just wanna say to anyone who cares. MERA IS A BADASS BITCH MAN!

  2. Uncanny X-force was mostly as expected, but they managed to inject some Weapon X goodness into this issue so that scores a few points with me.

    Venom 13.3 we get some Mephisto evil planning for an obvious future marvel series.

    For the most part this week was pretty good. The one thing that irked me is that Deadpool is getting waayyy to smart in his own comic.

  3. I have just read Legacy, Avengers Academy, Deadpool, and JLD. With the exception of DP, there were quite a few twists in each one that I found interesting (Deadpool was good but nothing there made me say "good twist"). I'll have to read some more but this week is certainly interesting.

  4. Cool, things sound pretty good this week so far then! After seeing the cover for Thor, I'm pretty excited to read it, Movieartman! It seriously looks awesome, and really makes me want to see Thor back on Earth again. As for Secret Avengers... Now I'm kind of dreading that one!

    Mephisto popping up in Venom can only be a good thing(and actually does make sense now that I think about it). Yeah, Deadpool was mighty clever in issue #51, Anon... He was outsmarting everybody!

    I've gotten through Academy and Pool thus far, Jermox, and I can't say either of them had me that excited... I was a bit let down by both of 'em. They were both good and all, but I was kind of hoping for great, not good...

  5. Yea, I wouldn't call anything I read this week as great (Thor probably the best out of this bunch, although I found Magneto ended in a decent way). "Twist" is probably the wrong word since the ending of Legacy is the only one that caught me off guard. It seems most issues this week are setting up for future issues. What I am intrigued by is what they are setting up. Ah, and JLD seemed more coherent.

  6. Dude im sorry when i posted that last comment about hawkeye i had just read a few pages from it, but i just read the rest of it tis FREAKING FANTASTIC. its primaraly Eric Ogrady's (antman) Story. lets just say he made us proud this issue, if u know anything about he chracter then that says alot, (he is/was a pervert douche bag)
    there is a reveal about a ww2 character (not cap) thats Fasinating to say the least.
    the singlular bad thing about it is hawkeyes attitude but that might be resolved by the end of this issue so yeah. trust me twas good :)

  7. X Maaaan!!! How are you hun!?! Hope all is well your way. Being a working man and all ;-)

    Let's see....lets get the commenting rolling. So, I am reading Avengers Academy since JT practically held a gun to my head and told me to read it lol. I'm kidding Anyways, After I read the first trade you know I'll make my way to you with my thoughts. Since the recommendation originated from you.

    As for comic book week. I found myself with a very light week. Which meant there was room to pick up some comics/trades I'd been wanting to read for some time and add to the ever growing collection. So let's see, I'll be looking forward to your wonderful reviews for: JLD (I know I said I wasn't going to but I flipped through it and liked what I saw, lol. I Hope I'm not disappointed.) Teen Titans, Voodoo, Morning Glories, Avengers Academy, Venom annd Wolvie and the X-Men.

    As always, happy readings and don't go working too hard hun. :)

  8. Awesome! I'm glad to see that JT has managed to get you to give Avengers Academy a shot. You know I'll be waiting to find out what you thought about that!

    I wish I had a light week this week! :P I've read all of those comics except for JLD and Venom so far, Lisha. And I have to say, none of them really blew me away. :/ Hopefully either JLD or Venom will bring the awesome this week. And I will make sure not to work too hard, Lisha! ;)

  9. Looking forward to the X-men Legacy review. That book has quietly become my favorite x-book, Gage is off to a very solid start.

  10. I doubt you'll like what I had to say about that one, TRobb... I was really enjoying it though. At least until that ending... :/

  11. I'm about halfway through the first trade and enjoying it very much. I already have my select favorites and one character I can't stand, Hazmat lol. She got under my skin the first time she popped on the page.

    I'm PRAYING that JLD's new arc starts off good...I'd hate to go another 6 issues being lost lol.

  12. Awesome! I'll be interested to see which character you do wind up liking the most. JT and I both have our favorites, so I'm def curious to see who ends up catching your eye.

    I read JLD #6 late last night and yeah... It was meh. It actually crosses over with I, Vampire(which I'm STILL waiting for my shop to get I, Vampire #2 for me!!!), and if I'm being totally honest, if not for the x-over, I think I'd have dropped JLD after #6... I'll give it through the I, Vampire x-over, and then I'll probably drop it. It's just not worth spending the $ on it...