Thursday, February 23, 2012

Deadpool #51

I'm gonna have to rush a bit here as I've got work tomorrow and would like to at least get the rough drafts for tomorrow's comic books typed up... Yeah, so the introduction for this issue sucks... What can ya do?

Deadpool #51:

Summary: Deadpool's wacky, convoluted plans continue here as X-Force battles the Hand, since X-Force believed Kingpin had the serum that could negate Deadpool's healing factor, while Kingpin wanted to get his hands on the serum... Oh yeah, and X-Force and Kingpin both think the serum could negate any mutant power... Meanwhile, Daken is also looking for the serum, since he was led to believe(by Deadpool) that it could negate healing factors, which meant he could use it to kill his hated father, Wolverine. As for who actually has the serum? Tombstone. After nearly getting into a gang war with Kingpin set up by, you guessed it, Deadpool, Tombstone decides to head to the lab to get the last remaining vial of the anti-Deadpool serum before things got too hot. Unfortunately for Tombstone, Daken had been eavesdropping on his business and beats him to the warehouse, burning it down and presumably taking the serum. Meanwhile, Deadpool has gambled that if anybody was savvy enough to get his hands on the serum it would be Daken, so he tells X-Force to find the serum while he deals with Daken, since the two wouldn't be able to kill each other due to their healing factors... Not realizing what Deadpool was up to(or that Daken most likely HAD the serum), Wolverine sends Deadpool after Daken, and possibly his death.

Thoughts: This comic was ALLLL over the place, but in a good sort of way. There was a lot to follow, what with all of the plans Deadpool has put into motion, and if I'm being honest, all of those various plans did hurt my enjoyment of this one just a bit. I mean I loved how clever Deadpool ended up looking coming out of this one, but between Kingpin, the Hand, Typhoid Mary the various X-Force members, Hydra Bob, Deadpool himself, Tombstone, Daken, Spider-Man(yep, he was here too!), and some assorted hitmen and gangsters, this issue was a bit hard to follow from time to time... That's not to say I'm not enjoying the story, and that I didn't love the fact that the ending should set up Pool vs Daken, to the death(!), but I didn't enjoy this issue as much as I enjoyed the previous one.

Score: 7 1/2 out of 10.
deadpool #51
Deadpool vs Daken next issue? You KNOW I'm there!


  1. I commented on IGN that a more or less objective reviewer would have given this a seven or eight. They gave it a five. No way this is a five out of ten.

    Considering that this is part 2 of 5, it could have been much worse.

  2. Huh, I don't get why they'd give this comic a five, but everybody is entitled to their own opinions... But I personally thought this was a nice, solid issue that sets the stage for the events to come.

  3. My thing is, this issue dealt mostly with getting the plot squared away. Everyone complains about how 'Deadpool' has no plot, then when it has a plot, they complain about that. Not about the quality of the plot, but that it's there. Deadpool isn't all farts, lolipops and sunshine.

    On that note, Deadpool is slowly darkening. Maybe even becoming unhinged?

  4. HA! That just proves that you can never make everybody happy. Like you said, this issue is setting up the events that will be coming up. It was many a set-up issue, and I for one enjoyed it.