Sunday, February 19, 2012

Wolverine #301

Last review for the night? The latest issue of Wolverine... Man, I'm so tired my introductions are all the exact same now!! Terrible!

Wolverine #301:

Summary: Wolverine is trapped between an all-out war between the Hand and the Japanese Yakuza, with his adopted daughter Amiko being held captive by the leader of the Hand. Oh, and Sabretooth and Mystique are also working for the Hand. The bastard son of the Silver Samurai is also here, as he's been dating Amiko, and he wants to try to free her. He's sporting a super high-tech Silver Samurai suit, naturally. After a WHOLE load of fighting, the Hand ninjas manage to get their hands on what they REALLY wanted out of this whole mess, the new Silver Samurai, as with his father dead, he was the acting head of the Yashida Clan, whether he knew it or not. Having Kid Samurai in their custody, the Hand ninjas(along with Mystique and Sabretooth) teleport away. Wolverine does some sleuthing and discovers where the Hand's secret headquarters was. However, Amiko follows after Wolvie, which is something that will almost definitely make Wolvie's life difficult going forward.

Thoughts: I've said it before, and I'll say it again, I just plain don't like Wolverine's adventures in Japan. Sorry. I mean the story here is pretty solid and easy to follow, but I just can't get too in to it because in the end it's ANOTHER Wolverine in Japan story. To end this review on a positive note, this IS one of the better Wolverine in Japan stories that I've read, so that's good.

Score: 6 1/2 out of 10.
wolverine #301
Wolverine's life really sucks sometimes...


  1. Just out of curiosity why do you hate Wolverine in japan so much, what's the difference if he were fighting a bunch of ninja's and mafias in central park?

  2. That's a good question actually... I've personally always found the Wolvie in Japan stories to be boring/annoying when compared to his other stories(especially the REALLY early Wolvie back issues from his first series). I never liked the stuff with Mariko, Lord Shingen or Matsu'o, and I flat out don't like Amiko or Yukio... I guess it's more the characters that ruin it for me as opposed to the location itself. If Yukio and Amiko were around every time Wolvie was in, let's say Russia, I'd probably hate all Wolvie in Russia stories. But all five of the characters I listed above either leave me with no feelings at all or annoy me.