Monday, February 6, 2012

Amazing Spider-Man #679

Hmm, here's a comic I get the feeling I'll be blitzing through... Luckily JT gave his take on this one(which you can read about here), so I can be lackadaisical with the review. Huzzah for me! The last issue was okay, but with all of the future/present stuff, it didn't make for a very easy review to type up, nor a coherent review to read...

Amazing Spider-Man #679:

Summary: Spidey realizes that New York would be destroyed at 3 AM not 3 PM, meaning he had a full 12 hours to try to stop the catastrophe that would destroy NYC. From there Spidey swings around the city stopping terrorists, carjackers, muggers and anything else he could figure. Before long, it's 2:30 AM and Spidey is at a loss as to what he needed to do... He winds up getting a call from Mary Jane to hang out, so he switches to his Peter Parker attire and meets with her, plugging her for any information that may be of value. Eventually MJ tells Peter that HE'D figure out the problem, at which time Peter realizes that Peter Parker stepped through the time door, NOT Spider-Man, meaning Peter Parker had fix things. Peter rushes back to Horizon Labs and tells his fellow scientist to shut down the time door, which ends up fixing everything. And that pretty much ends that.

Thoughts: Eh, this was a pretty good story. I've always enjoyed time travel, alternate dimensions and the like, so this was a nice little two-part story taking Spidey away from his normal, “Beating up super-villains” deal. So while I did enjoy this story, I have to admit, it was a bitch to review!

Score: 7 out of 10.
amazing spider-man #679
Hey look, Spidey is kissing Silver Sable!


  1. hmm silver sable, was she that one nazi killing girl?
    I feel she doesnt appear all that often or you know... at all.

  2. She may have been... I know she was a mercenary, so Nazi killing very well could have been one of her jobs.

    And totally agreed. She actually HAD a series in the 90's! After that series though, she pretty much fell off the face of the Earth. With Marvel hurting for female leads, why not give Sable a shot again?


  4. Checking Wikipedia to confirm my suspensions... yea, Silver Sable was the one who hunted Nazis. Her father ran some Nazi-hunting group and her mother was killed by them. So, although she is a mercenary by trade, she has a special hatred for Nazis and more than willing to kill as many as she can.

    Looks like the new Spider-Man movie will be taking some elements from the Ultimate Spider-Man. I haven't been looking that forward to this movie but the action looks good (maybe too good). I didn't think Spider-Man could dodge bullets at point blank while keeping his feet planted on the ground.

  5. Yes, you are completely correct, Jermox! I remember her father being the big-time Nazi hunter!

    As for the new Spidey movie? I'm meh about it... I'm WAY more hyped to see the Avengers film. I'll probably catch Spidey on DVD. But Avengers is something I REALLY want to see in the theater... Of course I also really wanted to catch Cap in the theater and that never happened...