Sunday, February 5, 2012

JT's Take: Amazing Spider-Man #679

Hey guys and gals, JT here with a review for you on Superbowl Sunday, and if you're like me, a nerd, you'd much rather read about comicbook characters than watch a football game. So here's a review to saturate that comic craving, a visit with our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.

Amazing Spider-Man #679

Summary: In the last issue we saw Peter step into a doorway to the future, and upon doing so we see the world went to hell without Peter, mainly Spider-Man, around for the day he missed out on. Using the help of a fellow employee, Grady, the man that invented the futuristic doorway, Spidey sets out to stop the destruction of the world before 3:10, which just happens to strike where this issue started. After a suspenseful start we find out that the watch actually stopped at 3:10 A.M., meaning Spidey has a whole twelve hours to go. After doubting his importance to Spidey, we see Grady step into the future doorway and see a dead Spider-Man, meaning he's pivotal to not only helping Spider-Man save the city but also himself. After going on patrol, Spider-Man helps Silver Sable stop Flag Smasher from blowing everything to hell and knocks the villain unconscious. Spidey then disarms Flag Smasher's bomb using his Spider sense and is rewarded with a kiss by Silver Sable, thus proving Spider-Man is a playa. After noticing nothing has changed, Spidey does a ton more superhero activities until he finally gets a call from MJ and takes time out to go for coffee with her. After talking with MJ, he realizes the future messed up because of Peter leaving, not Spidey, since he never checked Grady's math the future doorway explodes, so he had Grady shut it down and saves Manhattan as this issue comes to a close.

Thoughts: Normally pulling the stunt they did with the watch meaning A.M. instead of P.M. would've annoyed me, but I can actually see Spider-Man making that mistake so I wasn't too annoyed by it. The idea that Spidey pretty much ran himself ragged when all he needed to do was close the doorway did annoy me, it seemed like everything was pointless up until that, I don't mind a good story but that seemed like a kick in the head. I do like that they seem to slowly lead back to making Mary Jane a bigger part of the Spider-Man storylines again, she's a fun character when written right and I'd be lying if I said I didn't mark out every time she says "Go get em' Tiger!" As for this issue it just fell flat, the 12 hour reveal and the Peter > Spidey thing kinda took some of the life out of the issue for me, and even the Back to the Future II reference couldn't save it.

Score: 6.5 out of 10.

Spider-Man: Have you been to my favorite state? The state of unconsciousness! (Gotta love a good pun)

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