Friday, February 10, 2012

Weekly Comic News for Feb. 10th

Hey everyone, time for another edition of weekly comic news, brought to you by your favorite blogger, Jason Todd. We've got a nice amount of news to get to, so let's get things started.

Unavenged Superbowl

Anyone who watched the Superbowl for the commercials, mainly the Avengers trailer had to be slightly disappointed by the lackluster trailer we got for what could be the biggest comic movie of all time. We got a few peeks at the team but nothing like I personally expected for an avenue as big as the Superbowl. A recently extended version has popped up so sit back and enjoy a full minute and five seconds of Captain America, Ironman, Thor, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Loki and Nick Fury.

A Scandal with the Savages

So, in everyone's favorite book, DCU Presents, where they do a story arc on a random DC character (It's GOTTA be random, who would pick Deadman for the first arc?) and the upcoming third arc will focus on the daughter of Vandal Savage. But sorry Scandal Savage fans, this is actually a different daughter... by the name of Kass Sage. I'm not sure how that'll work out, it sounds pretty boring in my opinion, Savage's powerless daughter, an FBI Profiler, needs her father's help to solve a case, yawn. If you're interested in reading more about that or seeing a picture of Kass and Vandal, click here.

The Wolverine is Coming

 No, that's not a very vague, ambiguous threat. It's a very vague, ambiguous promise! It was announced earlier this week that FOX has finally set a release date for the first movie starring Wolverine that doesn't have "X-Men" somewhere in the title. So be sure to mark your calenders bub, because everyone's favorite Canucklehead will once again appear on the silver screen on July 26th, 2013.

DCnU is Annually Disappointing

DC Comics also announced this week that we'll see three over-sized annuals coming this May. The annuals will are slated to be for Batman, in which we'll see the DCnU debut of Mr. Freeze, written by Scott Snyder and James Tynion IV, The Teen Titans Annual, written by Scott Lobdell and Tom DeFalco, which will start a crossover with Legion Lost, Superboy, Teen Titans and The Ravagers. And lastly, an Animal Man Annual written by Jeff Lemire which will act as a prequel for a crossover with Swamp Thing. When reached for comment, X-Man75 was quoted as saying " Ugh, gah, and meh."
Marvel is Trailer Crazy

 Not only did the Avengers Trailer debut this week but we've also gotten to see a trailer for the upcoming Spider-Man movie, The Amazing Spider-Man. I HIGHLY recommend you guys take a few minutes and watch this trailer, I was not interested in the new Spidey movie at all before watching it and now I'm looking forward to it, so if you have a few minutes to spare, check this video out and get a peek at this film's villain as well. Plus, freaking Dennis Leary is playing Captain Stacey!

Smallville Returns for Season 11... Kinda

Fans of the hit television show Smallville know that last May, the show ended it's ten year run with Clark Kent finally donning the suit and becoming The Man of Steel that Metropolis so desperately needed. It was announced this week that fan-favorite comic writer, Bryan Q. Miller, of Stephanie Brown's Batgirl run, will pen an upcoming digital series that will continue where Smallville left off, with Clark as Superman, defending Metropolis. I for one am excited to see this, especially with former Smallville writer Bryan Q. Miller attached. (Source)

The Walking Dead have been Served

It was announced yesterday that Tony Moore is suing Robert Kirkman over profits he believes he was cheated out of from their work on The Walking Dead. Kirkman's lawyer claims that Moore isn't owed any money, while Moore claims he was tricked into signing a contract that gave his copyright interests to Kirkman's company. You can read more on the story here.

Earth 2

A variant cover for the upcoming DCnU series, Earth 2, has been released by DC Comics. The series features the Alternate Earth that includes the Justice Society of America and as well as the Justice League, as on the over we see slightly different variations of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman, which you can see below. Below that you can see a cover of the upcoming World's Finest comic, featuring Earth 2's Power Girl and Huntress, and sadly Peej has a new costume.

EDIT: After closer speculation it appears the Batman in this picture is Dick Grayson! Don't believe me, check out the use of his Escrima Sticks. Which means it's probably Grayson, and that Superman and Wonder Woman my be Connor Kent and Donna Troy, as you can see from the Huntress/Power Girl backgrounds, it shows that in Earth 2 they were Robin and Supergirl respectively.

Guess the Ravagers

The last news I'm gonna touch upon this week is the recently released cover of The Ravagers #1, where we see a team led by Caitlin Fairchild but lacking Rose Wilson. I'm not really familiar with anyone else, so feel free to help me speculate on the team. The dude on the right does look a bit like a red version of Beast boy though.

That's it for this week's comic news, as always guys and gals, feel free to comment with any news you think I missed or you want to discuss. I'll be back later in the week with a few reviews for you guys, including Scarlet Spider #2. Until next time, this is JT signing off.


  1. Wow quite a bit of news for this week eh? I actually have something to say this week lol.

    1. I've watched that Avengers trailer a minimum of 5 times. I mean...I love me some Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man and Scarlet Johansson as Black those two alone are what have me excited for this movie.

    2. Another Wolverine movie? Hmmm I don't know how I feel about that. I mean I've kind of had my feel for Wolverine in movies for a little bit. I mean three X-Men movies and Wolverine Origins, maybe I'm just so excited for Avengers I don't care about Wolvie lol.

    3. VEEEEERY big disappointment in the DC Annuals. Did they just pulls names out of an hate for this? Imean there are sooo many other characters they could've went with. And I'm NOT looking forward to the Animal Man Swamp Thing crossover. I MAY just stop reading Animal Man during that cross over.

    4. Loving the Amazing Spider-Man trailer. My woman crush Emma Stone is in yeah that's a bonus! lol. Plus I miss seeing Spidey on the big screen.

    5. I cannot wait for Smallville. I miss that show sooooo much. And the fact that its in comic form is even better.

    6. I'm truly upset to see Kirkman get sued....especially since how big Walking Dead is and now the person who could've been enjoying some of that cash too signed the rights over wants to be all greedy is disappointing. Oh You're welcome for this info. :-P

  2. Hey! As for the Ravagers stuff, its been announced that Red Dude? YEAH. THATS A GODDAMN RED BEAST BOY. THE FUCK IS UP WITH THAT!? D:

  3. Alright let's get you some replies then :P

    I'm also REALLY looking forward to the Avengers movie, if only for RDJr and Scarlet as Black Widow, plus I wanna see if they let Hawkeye get some awesome screen time.

    As for the Wolverine movie, I'll wait and see who's in it, because if it's Sabretooth again I'm gonna be pissed. Besides that, the DC Annuals seem very meh. I MAY pick up the Batman one because I like Snyder but I'm not sure yet.

    Emma Stone looks like she can pull off a nice portrayal of Gwen, this kid playing Spidey seems to have the quips and timing down and any time I get to see Dennis Leary in a comicbook movie, consider me on board. We should see both of those in the theater. (Spidey & Avengers)

    I'm also looking forward to Smallville, I miss the show, I love Miller's work, and he wrote some episodes for the show so he's really the best person for the job. As for WD, Moor claims Kirkman tricked him, but who knows. Sucks it had to come to a lawsuit though, and thanks for submitting that one. :P

  4. Caz- Shit, it has?! I was HOPING that wasn't Beast Boy! Well I knew before but this cements it that I will NOT be picking up the Ravagers book.

  5. As a complete adorer of the original Spider-man trilogy I'm both excited and scared for the new one. Excited to see it go in a different direction and see other characters like Gwen but scared to see something other than Tobey Maguire play Peter Parker and in case it isn't as good.
    Not really excited by any of the new DC series, thought I might give Ravagers a go but I still know nothing about the series, DC haven't been advertising well.
    Another great and enlightening post JT! Really glad you joined this blog.

  6. Thanks for commenting B-Guymer and I'm glad you enjoy my posts here. I agree, I loved the first three Spidey movies with Tobey and I was eagerly awaiting the fourth when they announced they were rebooting. That's why I was so disinterested in this one, hell, I even used to defend Spidey 3... which in hindsight was kinda terrible. But I'm hoping this one will be done right, plus we finally get The Lizard and a leading lady that doesn't have dolphin teeth...

    I'm kind of losing interest in World's Finest since it's about Earth 2 Peej and Huntress, and I wanna be interested in Earth 2 but it's by Robinson who I don't trust after Cry for Justice and his Justice League run.

  7. So i'm guessing from the lack of Goblins of a verdant variety that Gwen dies in the sequel, which is okay i suppose they can't have their first movie getting all the juicy sad stuff

  8. I wouldn't be surprised if they held off til the third movie, just to introduce MJ in the second and have that tension there.

  9. Whoh great post JT.. let me share my thoughts in this thopics.

    ...Avengers Trailer, I just love it, can't wait for that movie!

    No scandal Savage? Meh. What is the fucking point?

    I hated Wolverine Origins (who was that guy supposed to be Deadpool?) and with all the other superhero movies I dont know what I feel for the new Wolverine movie.

    I'm not sure about the Batma annual issue since it will be co-written by an almost unknowable writer (although Snyder has a lot of faith in him, but same was for Kyle Higgins and Gates of Gotham was totally disappointing for me).

    Now An Animal Man annual, has to be good I'm loving current series and I'm more than looking forward to that Swampi /Animal Man crossover (I know you people cant forget that Brightest day mess but Snyder is killing it in this swamp thing series )

    Teen Titans annual?.. meh

    That Amazing, trailer (HA) totally changed my mind about the new Spider movie, also liked that this Peter Parker seems to be more angry than the whiny Tobey Mcguire (and I also defended Spider Man 3 )

    Although i'm not going to read the Smalville new series I'm happy to see that Bryan Q. Miller is Writing something at DC its a talented guy and he deserves it.

    Earth 2. Dick Grayson as Batman,? now I'm interested!

    World Finest? Paul Levitz + Helena Wayne as Huntress? Definitely not reading that one. I'm not going to read anything by Levitz until Helena Bertinelli return to his rightfully role.

    Ravagers ? Meh..

  10. Damn Alien, thanks for the awesome comments, and man, you've been reading WAY too much of this blog, felt like I was reading one of X's replies. :P

    Avengers is gonna be awesome, I think we're all in consensus on that. And yeah, I forgot how awful they ruined Deadpool in Wolverine, that definitely makes me weary of the next of.

    The Scandal thing, I agree 100% And I wanna talk myself into trying Swamp Thing but I just can't make myself care about him, even with Snyder writing him.

    "Teen Titans annual?.. meh" - Agreed.

    I agree with you on the Spidey movie, The Smallville series, and Miller being awesome, and if that Batman IS in fact Grayson and Wondy is Donna, I may just have to read Earth 2, but I'll be swapping out World's Finest to do so. I'm gonna say it one more time, give me a World's Finest/World's Worst with Jason Todd and Superboy Prime.

    "Ravagers ? Meh.." Couldn't....Agree....More.

  11. Can I chime in with some thoughts about that Avengers trailer? I can? Okay then. *ahem* AWESOME!!!!!!!!!

    Moving on. Speaking of the Super Bowl, the Giants won it... Just sayin'... :D

    So is this Kass Sage a rip off of the Question then? Regardless, I sure as hell won't be dropping any coin on that.

    Another Wolvie movie? Meh.

    I LOVE that you actually went through with posting that quote from me about the DC annuals, JT... But yeah, that about sums it up for me. :P

    I'm honestly not interested in another Spidey movie, especially since the trailer made it look like they were going to radically change Spidey's origin(Yep, I watched BOTH trailers!). The villain of the piece leaves me feeling meh, but Dennis Leary as Capt. Stacy?! That alone may be enough to get me to watch that movie come the DVD release.

    Oh, and in closing, the fact that Beast Boy will be in that Ravagers series actually makes me REALLY not want to pick it up... I was gonna give it a shot, but I do hate me some Beast Boy... Passionately... I still may give it a chance, hopefully they radically change Beast Boy's character up or something.

  12. First of all, I gotta say I am Flabbergasted, that's right, I'm gobsmacked even, that you watched BOTH of those trailers... And I'm even more surprised you know who Dennis Leary is and are interested in seeing him play Capt. Stacey.

    And yeah, like everyone else I could care less for Kass Sage, but didn;t even realize she shares a last name with Vic until you said that... And yeah, I cleared a space for your quote before I even asked you... shit that's WHY I asked you, lol.

    The idea that you'll try that book, with a character you have stated you've hated multiple times, yet you didn't pick up Scarlet Spider or Catwoman which you somewhat enjoyed just boggles my mind.

  13. Flabbergasted AND Gobsmacked in the SAME SENTENCE?! I am impressed with you my friend! You are... The Man.

    The lesson here is that if you put trailers up for stuff I'm even mildly interested in, I'll watch them! :P As for Leary, I've been a fan once I heard that Asshole song of his... My sister loved that Rescue Me show and has pretty much the whole series, which I may try to watch one day. Plus he's a big NHL fan.

    I like that I'm the go to guy for quotes for you... That's the way it should be!

    Not only am I infinitely quotable, I obviously make no sense, as evidenced by the fact that I'll almost definitely be picking up Ravagers! I'm complicated... :D

  14. Yeah, I'm pretty awesome. I AM the Man.

    Lol, you would enjoy the asshole song. And I'd definitely recommend Rescue Me, I stopped watching around Season 4 when it was on TV, but I'll probably rewatch the whole show, FYI it's on Netflix Streaming.

    I'm more than likely just gonna quote you when you least expect it and just insert them into random stories. :P

    "Not only am I infinitely quotable, I obviously make no sense, as evidenced by the fact that I'll almost definitely be picking up Ravagers! I'm complicated... :D" Quoted for pure, unadulterated truth.

  15. HA! The asshole song is all sorts of awesome... I just listened to it on youtube a few minutes ago since we mentioned it and it still made me chuckle... “Two words: nuclear fucking weapons!” HA!!! If anybody ever wrote a song about me, it would probably be similarly titled...

    Well, we BOTH know I'm quite quotable... I never know when to shut up... I'm obviously missing that little switch in my brain... :/


  16. I always thought Leary DID write that song about you... or maybe he wrote it about Spider-Man after seeing that trailer. Also, is it just me or does he look like Willem Dafoe, who played the Goblin in the first movie.

    Quotably quoted my friend, quotably quoted.

    Word eh? Who are you, Cena circa 2003?

  17. Do not like Power Girl's new costume I understand they wanted to get rid of the open breast thing but I could barely tell it was even her.

  18. Exactly, that's how a lot of people even recognize Peej. Plus, I don't see how it's any different from Wonder Woman's armor showing the top of her boobs.

  19. From what I heard the new Wolverine movie is his Japanese adventures, so meh.

    The Avengers trailer looks awesome. The Spider-Man looks good too but the fact that they have him Matrix-ing bullets shot at him point blank kind of annoys me. That one will definitely be a we'll see.

  20. Hey I know this is completely random and stuff, but I got an interview with Brett Booth in for my blog! :D Check it out!

  21. JT leave Wonder Woman out of this! Lol

  22. "Plus, I don't see how it's any different from Wonder Woman's armor showing the top of her boobs."

    Not to mention how revealing Starfire, Supergirl, and Catwoman's costumes are.

  23. From what I heard the new Wolverine movie is his Japanese adventures, so meh." I'd heard that too, so that definitely doesn't help pique my interest, the only thing that could would be the inclusion of Daken and Dan Way writing it. As for Spidey matrixing the bullets, I've seen him do so much dodging of things from close range I really can't even say I'm surprised.

    Nice interview Caz, how'd you pull that off and get Brett Booth? Twitter?

    Lol, sorry Lisha but I had to.

    "Not to mention how revealing Starfire, Supergirl, and Catwoman's costumes are." Another excellent point, all of those costumes are just as, if not more revealing.

  24. Hmm..... You know, I never even thought of the Daken link, JT... I saw, "Wolverine in Japan" and automatically though, "No thank you!". But why not do this Wolvie movie like the Spidey ones? As a trilogy or something? Wolvie can meet and knock up Itsu in this movie, but she'll naturally die before giving birth. From there, the next movie can be current, and can end with a reveal that Daken was around and messing with Wolvie, while the third and final movie can be the big Wolvie vs Daken tale... Hey, check that out, I've just about talked myself into that movie! :P

  25. Damn, I'm so awesome I can sell you on movies that I don't even wanna see, that's the silver tongue of persuasion of mine they highlighted over at Bleeding Cool. Lol

  26. HA!!! What an ass you are... I was HUMORING you!!! Damn Bleeding Cool!!! :D

  27. Lol, sure you were X, sure you were. Say what you want, that will ALWAYS be a victory over you, thanks to the good folks at Bleeding Cool.

  28. BAH! From this point forward I'm simply going to play ignorant... What's this Bleeding Cool you speak? Some sort of medical terminology?

  29. Yep, it's the medical term for when someone verbally kicks your ass so bad that you then come around to their way of thinking, much like I did to you with that Rise of Arsenal review...

  30. "Rise of Arsenal"? Verbal ass-kickings? "come around to their way of thinking"?? I can assure you good sir, I have NO idea what you are going on about! See, I'm really good at forgetting painful memories!

  31. God I hate you X... Lol You my friend, are an ass.

  32. Now THERE'S something we can ALL agree on! :D

  33. I would like to add that the idea of Huntress being Robin is just BAD and WRONG, the Huntress identity was always of an independent persona, not somebody's sidekick. (and if she is Bruce's daughter why is still wearing that cross?)

    But applying the same logic "What if Damian turns to be The Hunter?"

    Damian + purple suit + crossbow = Hawkeye!

  34. @JT: Yeah I got him via Twitter. That's the only way I could think of. :P

    I'm extremely excited for both Earth-2 and Worlds' Finest. I've heard rumors that maybe Supes, Bats, and WW (the ones on the cover) of Earth-2 all die in the first issue and the JSA is formed in the fall-out. And as for PG's outfit, I don't really mind. I understand that the "boob window" is how most people recognized her, but at the same time I honestly don't care that she is covered up.

    As for "Smallville Season 11" I'm extremely excited. I'm so excited, in fact, that I may start reading it weekly online. That'd be the first series I actually read online. Wonder how that will go. And I would be extremely overjoyed if they even released the series on Fridays instead of Wednesdays. I think that would be really cool. But I'm wondering how the collected monthly issue will work. Will they be collecting several mini-issues for the month and then be releasing it? Or will they just be releasing 20-page issues weekly, just a month late? I'm excited either way. I can't wait to see Gary Frank's print covers.

  35. Alien - Because CLEARLY Bruce is a devout Catholic. All jokes aside though, I agree, having Huntress as a former Robin just seems weird, especially if their Batman is Dick... because how did Dick even get the role of Bats, or is she significantly younger and was she HIS Robin? Because Bruce would never make his daughter a Robin, hell he doesn't even want it for Damian.

    Caz - So Twitter can be used for something resourceful, here I thought it was just for dumb comments. Well kudos my friend.

    If they kill off WW, Bats and Superman... then I'm DEFINITELY not reading it. What team can be remotely considered as powerful as the Trinity, more importantly if THOSE three can't beat an enemy and manage to die, then I can't see anyone that should be able to, especially in the JSA.

    And Peej is pretty much told apart by her costume, in my opinion. That'd be like if they made Batgirl's costume red or when they have Superman the stupid Blue costume/skin, changing a character who's become iconic for a certain look just seems unnecessary, like when they changed Wonder Woman's look and have pretty much changed her back by now.

    I agree on the Smallville thing though, I'll also be following that and hopefully it's more action than talking because I loved Smallville but some episodes seemed to have too much talking, but at least they can use Lex.