Saturday, February 25, 2012

Captain America & Bucky #627

Next on the list? This month's issue of Captain America and Bucky. This storyline has been... lacking for the most part, but here's hoping it picks up here. That's me, the eternal optimist!

Captain America & Bucky #627:

Summary: Bucky II, that would be Fred Davis, manages to narrowly halt an attempt on his life by an android nurse. Realizing that something was awry(no kidding!), Fred decides to head to where the Human Torch(that's the WWII version) had gone. As for the Torch, he is being beaten up and reprogrammed by Adam III. Adam III then sends the Torch to “grow their family tree across the globe”... Whatever THAT means! As for Adam III himself, he confronts Captain America, who was busy beating up androids that looked like him and Bucky. Adam III apparently hugs Cap to death(seriously, he did!) and this issue ends with Adam III taking on Cap's look to become the new Captain America.

Thoughts: Okay, first things first, Cap was a JERK in this issue! He makes a comment here stating that he was tougher than the other Captain America Adam had killed(that would be William Naslund)... I don't know about anybody else, but that just seemed very un-Cap-like to me... The fact that he basically said he was better than Naslund(while true), just didn't seem like the type of thing Cap would say. Other than Cap's unfortunate choice of words, this issue really didn't interest me much. I am now officially to the point where I just want this storyline to end.

Score: 5 1/2 out of 10.
captain america & Bucky #627
Man, that line from Cap TOTALLY took me by surprise...


  1. Yea just to let ya know... this was NOT written by Brubaker. There is your answer to cap being out of character. With that being said, it was a little strange. Maybe if he would have worded it differently like "Bill Naslund was a good man, but I've been doing this longer than you've been breathing." or something. Really he could have just not used The reference to Naslund at all..

  2. That makes a lot of sense, Cap. I remember reading that Brubaker was stepping aside and was more or less a consultant for this series now. The way you put it would have been perfectly acceptable to me. The way it was written just made it seem like Cap was taking a shot at Naslund. I'm sure that wasn't the intention of the writer(or at least I hope not!), but that one line really left a sour taste in my mouth... It made Cap come across as really arrogant or something.