Saturday, February 11, 2012

Journey Into Mystery #634

Last review of the night is what could either be a great comic, or a terrible one... This issue has all of the ingredients to be great, now it's just a question of whether everything will come together here...

Journey Into Mystery #634:

Summary: Figuring Loki was responsible for the recent Serpent/Dark Asgard inspired dram deaths, the suddenly NOT evil Daimon Hellstrom attacks Loki, figuring Loki had taken on the guise of a child to mess with his head. Leah comes to Loki's defense and casts some protective spells, at which time Loki and Leah bicker with each other. After listening to this bickering for a bit, Hellstrom realizes that Loki was telling the truth and that he really WAS a child again. Loki tells Hellstrom that he was also having the Dark Asgard nightmares so Hellstrom decides to go into Loki's dreams to see what was going on. With that, Hellstrom and Loki go to sleep, with Leah watching over them. The two are immediately separated, and Loki winds up having to face several of his nightmares, before Leah apparently comes to his rescue. The two travel through the dream dimension and Loki rapidly realizes that the Leah traveling with him wasn't the real deal on account of her being too nice to him... HA! Loki ends up linking with fake Leah's mind and discovering that Nightmare was behind the nightmares(I knew it!), and that he was using the residual fear from Fear Itself to fashion himself a crown of fear energy in an effort to become the most powerful Fear Lord. Upon learning who was behind the plot, Leah and Hellstrom wake Loki up and he tells them what was going on. Loki also reveals that since he was so close to what happened during Fear Itself, he had the largest amount of fear in his head, meaning that if Nightmare could kill him, he'd have all the energy he needed to complete his crown of fear.

Thoughts: I loved this comic! Hellstrom was written perfectly(for a change...), the villain of the piece makes perfect sense, as does his plan, and the story, dialogue and art all came together perfectly. Sure, this comic wasn't perfect, but it was damn good, and that's better than most of the books I read.

Score: 9 out of 10.
journey into mystery #634
See, THIS is the Daimon Hellstrom I'm a fan of!


  1. He wanted to see what was going on in her head so he looked inside her head. Good ol' dream logic...

    I really enjoyed this as well. The characters just play well off each other.

  2. I have a problem with this series,
    I'm always afraid that he suddenly transforms to his adult version
    I'm all for kid Loki staying in that way (Kid). Silly fears aside I really enjoyed this book, I'm starting to enjoy the interaction between Loki and Leah, and I totally LOLed with Thori's lines.

  3. You gotta love dream logic!

    I hear ya, Alien, especially with the Avengers movie coming up and Loki starring as the main villain... All I can say is to try to enjoy this series and Kid Loki while you can. I mean Kieron Gillen has done a great job here, and I'd hope that Marvel would see that and allow him to keep Loki at his current age, because it just works, and is different from most other series/leading characters that I read about. And I totally forgot to mention how much I loved Thori's lines to Hellstrom here! That was great! The art worked really well too, because you could see how sincere Thori was!

  4. Well Ikol (the raven) is suppose to be the spirit or memories or whatever of his old self so maybe, just maybe, we can have Loki come back from the raven while still have our kid Loki. I suspect that we will somehow have the raven take over kid Loki instead but I would rather this Loki be around for a long time.

  5. I like this cover, I hope Gage can repeat what he has done during the Fear Itself event.

  6. I actually forgot about that, Jermox! And I LOVE that idea! If you want to bring evil Loki back, why not just somehow return Ikol's full knowledge to a different body, while leaving us with Kid Loki? THAT is what I want to see happen now!

    That cover looks AWESOME, Alien! I can not wait to see the role the Academy kids have in AvX.

  7. Covers for JIM and New Mutants crossover coming in May

    DA&AL + New Mutants + Kieron Gillen + JIM

    Only If Mephisto take part of this it will be perfect.

  8. A JOURNEY INTO MYSTERY/NEW MUTANTS X-OVER?!?! Alien? You just made my MONTH!!! Nate frigging Grey and Kid Loki interacting in the same story?!? I don't think it can get any better than that! :D

  9. Men May would be a crazy month...

    Between Night of the Owls, Avengers Vs X-men, and now this? (and I'm looking forward for that Animal Man/Swamp Thing X-over too)

  10. Yeah... I'm gonna be buying comics like CRAZY come this spring/summer... Last summer had me buying tons of Fear Itself books, but at least DC didn't have anything that interested me. THIS year with the AvX and Night of Owls books, I am going to be very, VERY broke!

  11. I love this book, but damn, when's Doug Braithwaite coming back to do pencils? His art is PERFECT for this book. Breitweiser and Elson both have more realistic styles that I don't enjoy nearly as much.

  12. Eh, as a total art idiot, I didn't even notice the change in artists! The art here didn't openly anger me, so I'm cool with it.