Friday, February 10, 2012

Venom #13.1

Um, this comic isn't even written by Rick Remender! It's instead written by Rob Williams, who has most recently been butchering the Daken series... Hell, if I would have known Remender wasn't writing this story on his own, I'd have skipped all of the point issues and only read Venom #13 and #14!

Venom #13.1:

Summary: While Dr. Strange and the suddenly not evil Daimon Hellstrom are investigating the sealed off, hell infested Las Vegas, Blackheart sends his evil mirror images of Venom, Red Hulk, X-23 and Bad-Ass Ghost Rider to attack the four heroes. Since this comic was written by Rob Williams and all, Venom, Red Hulk and X-23 are defeated by their evil, Hell-inspired dopplegangers, while Bad-Ass Ghost Rider is able to defeat hers, on account of her being so damn BAD-ASS! Blackheart is annoyed by that turn of events(he's not alone...), and offers Bad-Ass Ghost Rider a deal where she could work with him, but she's too, you guessed it, BAD-ASS to agree to such a deal. This issue ends with Strange and Hellstrom realizing that the seals holding Hell in Las Vegas was slowly eroding.

Thoughts: Meh. This wasn't a horrible comic or anything, it just should have been renamed Ghost Rider, since that's obviously who Williams wanted to push to the forefront here. I haven't liked the new Bad-Ass Ghost Rider from the start, and apparently I wasn't alone, as it was canceled after a piddly amount of issues. So naturally that makes her the main focus of this issue. Makes sense to me! Overall, even my annoyance with Bad-Ass Ghost Rider getting top billing couldn't hurt this story too much, as it's a solid story, with a solid villain, regardless of who's writing it.

Score: 7 out of 10.
venom #13.1
That is EXACTLY my problem with X-23!! She's boring! That dialogue right there is brilliant!!


  1. Come on these guys can't that stupid this is a classic "you can't beat your opposite so you trade fights to someone else's opposite" kind of thing. I thought army heroes like red hulk and venom were supposed to have some strategical instinct or something, if they can't figure out how to deal this by next issue it will be just sad.

  2. HA! That is an awesome point! Red Hulk being a general and all should DEFINITELY have realized that was the way to go. Instead, everybody got separated from their evil opposites and lost... Well, except for Ghost Rider, but that's not a huge shock...

  3. I just find it odd that the Red Hulk could be mind screwed to salute this monster. It seems so out of character.

    I have just been disappointed with Red Hulk lately. This is the guy who jumped into space so he could hit Thor with his own hammer. He is such a chump now.

  4. I'll definitely take your word for it, Jermox. The Hulk has always been a major hole in my Marvel knowledge, so I'm definitely not as familiar with Hulk related characters as I am with... Well, most other Marvel things. I have been mildly interested in staring that Hulk book written by Jeff Parker... I know it stars Red Hulk, but little more.

  5. Bad-Ass? Really? I guess you meant it sarcastically. I hope so. I, for one, HATE (capital intended)her with unreasonable passion. No likeability whatsoever! Nonetheless, good job with the review.

  6. That "Bad-Ass" is absolutely sarcastic! I've been calling this version of GR "Bad-Ass" because it's SO obvious(and pathetic) how Marvel really wanted to present this GR as a tough-as-nails character at the expense of every other character around her... Whenever I read something with her in it(especially when written by Rob Williams) I get the feeling he wants her to be the toughest character this side of Wolverine. You are NOT alone in your hatred of her... Two issues of the most recent Ghost Rider series and these Venom comics have me hoping she ends up dead at the end of this story, because she has ZERO redeeming qualities.