Sunday, February 12, 2012

Captain America #8

I'm starting to get to that point in the week where I'm running out of things to say in the introductions of the comics I review... Um... Here's hoping this is a good read?

Captain America #8:

Summary: Cap and Sharon Carter manage to take down the Serpent Society(or Serpent Squad I guess...) with Cap not losing his powers, so Cap leaves Sharon to keep the Serpents under wraps while he tried to quell a madbomb instigated riot outside the bank he was in. Unfortunately, Cap's powers give out on him, so the crowd attacks him. Before they can batter poor, little Cap, Falcon swoops in and rescues his partner. Meanwhile, Bravo is broken out of prison by the still currently evil Baron Zemo and some Hydra agents. Falcon takes Cap back to Avengers Tower where Tony Stark is able to do some experiments on Cap while he is still in his non-powered mode. From there, Sharon interrogates King Cobra, who tells her that the mastermind behind Cap's depowering was Machinesmith(!). Sharon grabs the disk Machinesmith's consciousness had been trapped in by Cap and puts it into a computer, hoping to get some answers. Unfortunately, that's exactly what Machinesmith wanted, as it has apparently freed him.

Thoughts: This is another comic that was okay, but not much more... It moved along at a brisk pace and all, it was an okay read, but it didn't really have that little extra to make it stand out. I was glad to see Machinesmith pop up here, as I've been a fan of his since the Gruenwald Cap run, but other than that, this was a rather forgettable comic book.

Score: 6 1/2 out of 10.
captain america #8
It's times like these that help me remember why I like Sharon so much.

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