Saturday, February 25, 2012

Mighty Thor #11

Okay, I'm gonna try to bust out three more reviews as I try to(rapidly!) make my way through my new comic pile. I'm somewhat sleep-deprived right now, so if the reviews happen to suck more than usual tonight(as if they COULD suck any worse!) that's why.

Mighty Thor #11:

Summary: While Thor and the other “dead” gods are making their way to the heart of the Demogorge to destroy it and set themselves free, Tony Stark is unveiling the new Asgardia to the All-Mothers. It's at that time that Tanarus is given the order to assassinate the All-Mothers by his father, the troll king. Before he can carry this act out, he is attacked by Heimdall, who says that he had finally figured out who/what Tanarus was, and tears Tanarus's face away, revealing his true guise, Ulik the Troll. While Heimdall and Tanarus battle, Loki and the Silver Surfer head to the Weird Sisters, where they find the Queen of the Norns emerging from her hiding place, inside one of the Weird Sisters... Yuck... Anyway, this issue ends with all of the forces of the trolls preparing to launch a wide scale attack on Asgardia.

Thoughts: Eh, this comic wasn't terrible. It wasn't great either though... We had some good parts(mainly anything with Thor or the battle between Heimdall and Tanarus), but there was also a bunch of stuff I didn't really care about(pretty much everything else!). The cover for the next issue claims that we'll FINALLY get Thor vs Tanarus/Ulik, so that right there is something to look forward to. If that battle is as awesome as it could be, the rest of this storyline will have been well worth it.

Score: 6 out of 10.
mighty thor #11
It's nice to see Heimdall do that whole “all-seeing, all-hearing” thing of his finally...

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