Saturday, February 18, 2012

Supergirl #6

Last review of the night? Let's go with Supergirl... Why not?

Supergirl #6:

Summary: Still pinned to the wall in the remains of Argo City, with the city slowly drifting into the sun it was orbiting, Supergirl pretty much gives up and seems ready to accept her fate. Meanwhile, Reign teleports herself to Earth and tells a police officer to tell the greatest warriors of the Earth to meet her in the middle of Manhattan where she would defeat them. Back with SG, she has a vision of her parents who tell her not to give up, and to try to cut out a new life for herself even though Krypton was no more. Upon “hearing” that, SG manages to unpin herself from the wall and flies away from Argo City. SG returns to Earth and attacks Reign, who is a bit disappointed by SG's actions, since she was hoping SG would join with her to conquer the Earth. With that, Reign manages to erect a massive forcefield over Manhattan and has several other Worldkillers teleport to her side, much to SG's dismay.

Thoughts: Much like Thunderbolts #170, this was an issue that was saved by a strong cliffhanger. Nothing really happened in this one except for SG hallucinating(presumably) and Reign attacking the Earth. I figured this was all building towards a Reign/SG showdown, but the addition of the other three Worldkillers really added a great twist here. I can't wait to see how SG manages to defeat FOUR Worldkillers considering the fact that she was battered by ONE of them an issue ago!

Score: 7 out of 10.
supergirl #6
As far as hallucinations go, SG's parents were really helpful!


  1. So do we have Wonder woman, Superman and someone else show up to help? That's my guess anyway.

  2. X!!!! I miss you so!

    So, is it me or did this issue feel like a filler issue up until the twist at the end? I knew the battle between SG and Reign was coming. But the introduction of the other Worldkillers made me want the next issue right then.

    And JT, I wouldn't mind seeing Supes come in to help Wonder Woman would also be a great surprise.

  3. Thanks Tom! I try.

    Idk, JT... They have a forcefield over the city, so it SHOULD keep characters like Supes(who Reign specifically said was being preoccupied) and probably WW out of the picture. Maybe a b-level hero who was already in NYC could lend a hand? If not, I seriously have NO clue how SG wins this battle...

    Lisha, same here!! It's always great to hear from you! I totally agree with you about this feeling like a filler issue. All that really happened was SG left Argo City and confronted Reign... That's it! But that last page REALLY helped make me want to get my hands on the next issue. That's for sure!