Saturday, February 18, 2012

Thunderbolts #170

Hey all, X with a duo of reviews to start off the weekend... I KNOW I need to get three reviews up and posted soon, but I just got myself a new job, and it's getting a bit tough to find the time to review comics... But fear not, I SHOULD have two reviews up today, tomorrow, and three up for Monday and Tuesday... Hopefully.

Thunderbolts #170:

Summary: Ghost finally reveals that he was secretly spying on the evil Thunderbolts and frees them from the dungeon Merlin had tossed them in to. The T-Bolts make their way up to Merlin's personal tower and take back their equipment, while Satana checks out some of Merlin's more powerful magical items. Fixer spots the Black Knight preparing to slice open the T-Bolt's time traveling tower, and fearing that they'd be stranded in the past if Black Knight was successful, he tells Moonstone to stop him... At which point Moonstone is attacked by Merlin's pet dragon. With that, the rest of the T-Bolts rush outside and take advantage of the chaos that was ensuing due to them releasing the other magical captives in Merlin's prison. The T-Bolts make it back to their tower, and are met by Merlin, who tells them that by releasing the magical beasts from the dungeon, they had pretty much damned Camelot to fall in a few years time... Whoops! Since Merlin knew the event was destined to happen, he isn't angry with the T-Bolts and offers to assist them in returning to their own time... How magnanimous of him! Merlin tells them they needed a timeless object that could tether them to their proper time period, and points out the moonstone that grants... um, Moonstone her powers. Using magic, science and the moonstone as a tether, the T-Bolts are transported forward in time, but wind up a few years away from their destination, and look out their window to see Citizen V(Baron Zemo!) and the original Thunderbolts heading to T-Bolts tower to investigate(!!).

Thoughts: I have to admit, most of this comic did nothing for me... I've never been a fan of Merlin, Arther or the Camelot stuff, so yeah, most of this issue left me unimpressed... However, the cliffhanger? Awesome! That cliffhanger probably added a full point to the score of this one! Seriously, that one page, with Zemo as Citizen V, and the original T-Bolts(/the Masters of Evil) approaching T-Bolts tower was fantastic! Those early Thunderbolts comics are among my ALL time favorites, so getting to relive them should be incredible. So while I wasn't in love with THIS issue, the next issue should be great.

Score: 7 out of 10.
thunderbolts #170
Next issue should be AWESOME!

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