Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Uncanny X-Force #21

I really hate the storyline going on in this comic book right now... And it's not a good kind of hate, like when you hate a random super-villain because you're supposed to hate that random super-villain. It's that bad kind of hate where you see the cover of a comic and don't even want to open it up because you know it's gonna suck... Well, all I can do is cross my fingers and hope for the best here...

Uncanny X-Force #21:

Summary: Psylocke rescues Fantomex from the machine that was to execute him, but not before he was injected by a chemical that caused him to begin forgetting his entire life. Meanwhile, a villain with a goat's head fights X-Force outside of Capt. Britain's castle. Eventually goat head guy retreats because his orb was destroyed or something... Psylocke takes Fantomex to some magical forest and asks the leader of the forest to help fix Fantomex's mind. The master of the forest doesn't want to assist Psylocke because he hates her father or some such nonsense, but after Psylocke begs for his help, he reconsiders. And then zombiefied members of the Capt. Britain Corps attacks Capt. Britain's castle.

Thoughts: This was absolutely terrible. There's literally not a single nice thing I can say about this comic book... I could care LESS about EVERYTHING happening here. I hate the Capt. Britain Corps concept, I hate Otherworld, I hate Merlin. I hate it all. So if you liked this comic, awesome. But me? I couldn't have hated it more. What a waste of money...

Score: 0 out of 10.
uncanny x-force #21
Yes Rick Remender, this is indeed your worst...


  1. I don't read this series, but i will be reading secret avengers by remender. So i was curious to ask if your hate will carry over into that series as well? for capt. Britain i mean? I am guessing that secret avengers will be more about capt. Britain on this team rather than fully involved with the corp.. so maybe you wont hate it as much..? haha idk just wondering.

  2. Icing on the @%$^ cake? He screwed over Deadpool again.

  3. I finally read this issue, and you know what? I would've scored it about the same as you. Well, not exactly, since you did give it a zero, and I still enjoyed the characterizations of Deadpool and AOA nightcrawler. But a 4 sounds about right to me.

    I sincerely hope this issue will look better in hindsight, because right now, I have no idea what happened in this issue. I have no idea what the significance of goat-man is and why it's a big deal that he has those orbs. Did Betsy switch back to her original body? That would be kind of a big deal, but again, we have no idea what happened. And who is that devil-looking dude at the end of the book? He supposedly has a bone to pick with both Betsy and Fantomex, if that helps at all. Maybe these lingering questions will be answered later, but for now, this issue looks like a mess.

  4. Huh, I missed these comments the first time around... Anyway, I'm definitely hoping things get a bit clearer with the next issue of this series(which is around the bottom of my new comic pile), TRobb... On the positive side though, it can only get better... I hope!