Friday, February 17, 2012

X-Factor #232

The first comic I'll be reading this week with the letter “X” in the title is X-Factor. Which is probably the best series I read monthly with an “X” in it. After that pointless little aside, let's see what went on in this comic.

X-Factor #232:

Summary: This issue begins with Madrox running away from Dormammu, who has apparently succeeded in killing Dr. Strange and the Madrox from the dimension Madrox was currently trapped in. Upon getting outside, Madrox is confronted by a hellish looking version of Manhattan, overrun by demons and the like. Before Madrox can get over the shock of what he was seeing, Dormammu attacks him and goes through Madrox's mind, learning that this Madrox wasn't the same as the Madrox from his dimension. Before Dormammu can kill poor Madrox off(again!), Madrox is possessed by the spirit of that dimension's Dr. Strange, who manages to defeat Dormammu. With Dormammu's threat taken care of, dead Dr. Strange offers to return Madrox to his rightful dimension. Unfortunately, being dead and all, Strange's magic is kind of unpredictable, and while creating the portal, Madrox is stabbed in the head and dies... Again! HA!! Fortunately for Madrox, he falls INTO the portal, and returns to his proper body in the 616 Marvel Universe, where he is met by a overjoyed Layla Miller, who proceeds to have sex with Madrox(!?). This issue ends by showing us the results of alternate Strange's botched spell, as we find Wolfbane's evil daughter, evil Deathlok-Cap and... well, evil Dormammu appearing where Madrox died, thoroughly confused as to why they weren't in their proper dimensions.

Thoughts: This was a good, quick, fun read. It ended with Madrox returning to his proper universe(finally!) and also brought a few of the characters he encountered on his trek through the multiverse along with him. There's not all that much more I can add here. As usual, this was a very solid read.

Score: 7 1/2 out of 10.
x-factor #232
So long, Dread Lord!


  1. I think Madrox Potter was pretty badass to bad he doesn't get to keep those powers.

  2. You know, Madrox should really consider dabbling in the mystic arts after this issue! I mean, as a mage, what with his dupes and all, he could be nearly unstoppable!

  3. its strange he hasn't yet though, didn't he send a bunch of dupes out into the world to learn everything?

  4. I was thinking that as well... I guess Madrox forgot about magic when he was doing all of that learning?