Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Invincible #89

Two reviews on tap for tonight, with the first one being this week's Pick of the Litter... What is that book? Invincible. I'm quite curious to see what Robert Kirkman has up his sleeve for this issue...

Invincible #89:

Summary: So Invincible is deathly ill due to his being exposed to the Scourge Virus last issue. The king of the Viltrumites, Thragg, has taken it upon himself to try to assist Invincible, and has taken three of his men with him(as well as a mess of heroes) to the secret Viltrumite ship on the moon to try to discover a cure before it was too late. Meanwhile, Allen the Alien brings Dinosaurus to the moon ship, where Dinosaurus offers his assistance to Thragg and his goon squad. Thragg initially turns the offer down, but Dinosaurus manages to convince Thragg that they both wanted Invincible better for their own reasons, so Thragg allows Dinosaurus to remain behind. However, Thragg tells everybody else that was present(the Guardians of the Globe, Cecil Stedman, Allen, Oliver, Atom Eve) to leave since they were only serving as distractions. Back on Earth, Eve gets a call from Invincible Inc for some assistance in defeating a monster, so Bulletproof steps up, hops into one of Invincible's outfits and heads off to battle. Other than that, Thragg learns from one of his scientists that Invincible is “a match” for something, and this knowledge causes Thragg to murder the scientist so nobody else would discover that fact. And that's about it here.

Thoughts: Um, not much of anything happened here... The issue ended pretty much that same way it began, with Invincible in the throes of the Scourge Virus. Besides the whole “match” thing, there really weren't even any major character development/set-up for the future events in this one... Yeah, I have to admit, I was expecting a bit more from this comic...

Score: 6 out of 10.
invincible #89
There had to be a neater way to kill that guy!


  1. Ehh... really didn't like this issue myself mainly because it's Bulletproof who's taking over as Invincible, where I thought it would be a black Viltrumite. Awww well at least one good thing came from this issue, NO OLIVER!!!


  2. HA!!! And here I was, thinking that the biggest problem with this issue was the lack of Oliver! :P