Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Flash #6

Now, I had a lot of new comic books to get through this week... I think the number was something like 17. So yeah, Ol' X was busy pumping out those reviews... BUT, I couldn't forget to review Flash #6! Sure, it's a few years old, but since I've never read it before, it's new to me! So pull up a chair(unless you're already sitting down, in which case don't do anything) and relax as I regale you with an early tale of the greatest Flash of all time...

Flash #6:

Summary: This issue kicks off with Wally finding Tina laying around some fire, but otherwise unharmed after last issue's fuel depot explosion... Um, okay, I guess... Since Tina survived, it stands to reason that Tina's insane estranged husband Jerry also survived, so Wally calls on some of his Teen Titans teammates to help him try to track down Jerry. Wally takes Tina to Titans tower and she tells Wally that Jerry had become increasingly angry with his boss, a Dr. Bortz. With a clue as to where Jerry may go next, Wally rushes to Bortz's heavily fortified home to warn Bortz that Jerry was probably coming. Bortz was already prepared for that, and has a gun that he figured would drop Jerry if it came to that. However, what Bortz really wanted was to try to help Jerry return to normal... The only problem with that was a) catching Jerry, and b) the doctor who'd best be able to help Jerry was working in Siberia... It's at that moment a very deformed Jerry smashes his way into Bortz's home and downs Wally. Jerry goes to kill Bortz, at least until Wally catches his attention by bringing Tina up. Wally manages to lead Jerry into some unbreakable glass and a wall, damaging the madman, but eventually Jerry gets his hands on Wally and locks him in a bearhug. Wally can feel his spine reaching it's breaking point and hits Jerry a few dozen times square in the face, causing Jerry to pass out and release Wally. With that, Jerry is taken to a hospital where Bortz reveals Jerry has very little chance at survival... Since Tina still had feelings for her insane husband, and Wally was still trying to win Tina over, Wally decides to head to Siberia to get the one scientist who may be able to save Jerry's life. This issue ends with the Soviets testing out three speedsters in Siberia with speed that rivaled that of Wally himself.

Thoughts: This was a pretty good comic. It wasn't as much fun as the prior issue was, but it was a pretty good read nonetheless. Sure, the next issue should be odd, what with Wally heading to Siberia to kidnap(?) a Soviet scientist so he could save Jerry, who IS a rival for the attentions of the woman he loves, but that's Wally for you. Anyway, this was another good, solid issue of this series and the ending has me mildly interested in the next issue.

Score: 7 out of 10.
flash #6

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