Monday, February 20, 2012

Daredevil #9

Last review of the night, and it's a series that most everybody is REALLY high on, Daredevil. As for me, I've liked this series, but I'm still waiting for that “like” to turn into “love”.

Daredevil #9:

Summary: Moloids are stealing the caskets of the deceased and taking them deep underground for some reason. One of the stolen caskets in question belongs to Daredevil's father, which naturally sends DD underground to see what was going on. After stealthily following the Moloids, DD is shocked to “see” the Mole Man breaking into each casket he was brought by the Moloids in some sort of insane attempt to find something. This action drives DD into a rage, as he knows one of those caskets could be his father's, so he springs into action and wrangles the Mole Man while demanding to know what he was doing. Mole Man uses his trick cane to fire some electricity at DD, which incapacitates Ol' Hornhead. With DD out of the way, Mole Man continues opening caskets until he finds a woman inside and begins to dance with her(!!!!???!!!). As for DD, Mole Man has the Moloids toss DD into a pit with a large mole-creature's gaping mouth awaiting him at the bottom.

Thoughts: This was a pretty weird comic... Moloids robbing graves, Mole Man dancing with a corpse... Hell, I don't even NEED to list anything else! Just read that again... Mole Man was dancing with the corpse of a woman!!! That is BEYOND creepy! You know, I've never been a fan of the Mole Man. In many ways, he reminds me of the Penguin. Not only in stature and build, but in the fact that I always saw them both as characters that had no business being in modern comic books. They seemed like relics of the more comical 1940's-1960's. You know, joke characters that I could never take serious. After reading this issue, I may have to rethink my view on Mole Man! Mark Waid did a marvelous job taking a character I've always seen as boring and one-dimensional and making him seven different flavors of creepy! All I'm going to say is I seriously hope Waid doesn't even bother to try to rationalize Mole Man's actions here. Just make it look like he's gone TOTALLY off the deep end and leave it at that.

Score: 8 out of 10.
daredevil #9
This is definitely an early frontrunner for the What the HELL?!? Moment of 2012!


  1. I like this review. You should use some more screen shots, just feedback, keep it up!

  2. Thanks man. I def would, but my scanner is so slow... When I spring for a newer one I'll probably add a ton more pictures and stuff.