Wednesday, February 29, 2012

New Comic Day... Maybe...

Hey there X-Maniacs, it's the most malfested comic book blogger on the net, X! Trust me, if you ever play Soul Calibur 5, that reference will make WAY more sense... Anyway, I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to make it to the comic book store tomorrow due to two factors... The first is the fact that I'm working tomorrow. I get out at 5, so that in and of itself shouldn't be a problem... The problem is the fact that my area is expecting some nasty winter weather... Now, if it was just some snow, no biggie. But we're supposedly going to get hit by an icestorm, and ol' X isn't too keen on driving an extra 25 minutes to the comic shop on roads covered with ice... So, if the various meteorologists around these parts are right(and really, who knows if they will be!), I probably won't be picking up this week's comics until sometime Thursday afternoon(after work). I figured I'd list the books I EXPECT to pick up this week here, so even if I don't wind up with them, you guys have some idea of what I SHOULD be getting eventually... Invincible #89, Amazing Spider-Man #680, Avengers #23, Ultimate Comics X-Men #8, Venom #13.4... Wow, THAT'S IT?!? Five comic books!? Wow... Considering I'm regularly coming home with 3 to 4 times that amount on any given week, I am shocked... Sure, that number may increase depending on if my shop has gotten I, Vampire #2 in, or if I see any impulse items worth picking up, but as it is right now, I'm only expecting to walk out of the comic shop with a lowly five books... Huh. I'm not going to name a Pick or Runt of the Litter in this post, in case I do decide to pick some other comic up from the rack whenever I do get to the shop. That's about all I can think to say right now. Here's hoping the weather isn't as bad as anticipated so I can pick up my measly five books tomorrow! Until next time, X out.


  1. I get my comics once a month through, because I'm a shmuck. I do miss going to the comic shop.

  2. are u Interested in the Pandora stuff (the hooded woman) stuff
    cus were gonna get 6 pages of stuff about her in todays justice league and sense ur not gatting that book id be happy to fill you in on it :)
    stay safe

  3. aquaman is a bad Mo fo

  4. Hey man Justice League Doom came out today you could rent it on Itunes for like 4 dollars and review that to fill in this weeks gaping void.

  5. I used to do something similar, Lebeau. I'd get my books once every two or three weeks(usually whenever I'd hit the free shipping point) at midtown comics. But I have to say, I do love making that weekly stop at the comic shop...

    Cool, I can't say I'm all that interested, Movieartman, but if you think it's worth it, you know I'd be happy to listen. Maybe it will end up being something good!

    I'm not all that interested in the Doom movie, actually, Anon... Maybe JT would be willing, he's more of a movie guy than I am. But from what I saw that movie didn't look to be worth the time it would take to watch it.