Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Avengers #22

And we've finally made it! One more review this week, and it is the comic book I least wanted to read upon getting home from the comic book shop last Wednesday. That comic? Avengers. The cover looks cool enough, but with Brian Bendis writing this, it's always a crap-shoot as to what we're going to get... Last issue as pretty good... Let's hope this issue follows suit.

Avengers #22:

What Happened: The Avengers have been captured by Norman Osborn(yes, that Green Goblin guy) and the combined forces of Hydra, HAMMER, the Hand and AIM. The villains do a lot of taunting while Quake(who escaped capture somehow...) looks into ways to free her captive teammates. Vision is also out and about(I guess he evaded capture the same way Quake did and then split up with her?) and he confronts Norman Osborn, who was holding court on the front lawn of Avengers Mansion. Vision goes to apprehend Osborn, so Osborn throws Vision through the door of the Mansion, after Osborn presumably overrides Vision's systems... Somehow... With that, the president of the United States decides to see if he can cut a deal with Osborn... Really?!?

Thoughts: Ah yes... One of my greatest comic book pet peeves... The cover that has NOTHING to do with what happens inside the book... Besides the misleading cover, this comic book was terrible. It was truly a Bendis special. I don't even know where to start... The fact that Quake is going to ultimately be responsible for saving the Avengers is the most clich├ęd thing that could have possibly happened(new team member saves his/her experienced teammates), so I'm not at all surprised that's the direction Bendis is going to go here. I also don't get the argument Bendis was trying to make with the president and his cabinet... It's not like Osborn was flying around as the Green Goblin, tossing girls off bridges and was locked away with no trial or anything... He was the leader of SHIELD/HAMMER, went insane, had several US citizens murdered in a terrorist attack AND instigated a war with Asgard! Seeing as that he was the head of SHIELD/HAMMER, why the hell WOULD he get a regular trial?! If anything he'd probably get some kind of court-martial trail, or if we want to get REALLY particular, since he DID organize a terrorist act on US soil, there's probably some special set of guidelines in place for dealing with a situation like Osborn's. Besides getting me good and annoyed by Osborn's bizarre self-righteousness, this issue really didn't give us anything important. The only event of any importance was Quake finding the guy who delivered the hologram of Osborn at Avengers Mansion a few issues back and forcing that guy to take her to Osborn... Which is another oddity if you really think about it... I mean Bendis has laid this story out to make Osborn look smarter than everybody else, and then leaves this HUGE loose end dangling. Why wouldn't Osborn have the guy who delivered the hologram killed, or even better, why would that guy even know where Osborn was!? Why would Osborn have a high ranking member of his organization, one with knowledge of where Osborn's bases were, deliver the hologram? Ugh... This comic really gave me a headache...

Score: 3 out of 10.
avengers #22
*sigh* Yeah, yeah, yeah... Norman Osborn is GOD. We get it...


  1. I agree with you completely, lately Avengers has been absolute crap, but you should know that Quake isn't completely inexperienced, in fact, Nick Fury himself trained her to be his successor to the throne of SHIELD during the events of secret warriors.

  2. Anon
    absolutly like her or Not one thing u cant say about Agent Johnson is that she is inexperenced. in secret war she was a like level 10 sheild agent (could have been fury just plating god) and she never seemed incometent in anyway in her role in that series, then in sercret warriors she was the Feild leader of the secret warriors.
    in both cases she answered to no one but nich fury.
    in my eyes she is a sexer less bitch version of maria hill. i get u dont like her x-man but she isnt a newbie lol.

    hey ok............ i liked this arc here and in New avengers (SOOO much better in new avengers) but yeah this president going with osborn is just INSANITY! i reckon its a fake out just to get osborn to lower his guard but still..... dumb!
    one thing tho is im pretty sure it still isnt Known to the avengers or anyone for that matter that osborn staged the football stadium massacre. only he and loki knew and prehapes the u-foes who where resposible, but its likley they where unaware osborn was pulling the strings and presumed it the orders just came from the hood alone. just saying if this is true then the only thing osborn would be gulity of in the governments eyes is ignoreing direct orders......... witch they are kinda letting nick fury get away with right now (for secret war)
    while fury was just in doing what is and osborn is defintaly not its not really diffrent in the Governtments eyes.

    at the end of this weeks New avengers after the NA barely manage to defeat Rangnorock (the thor clone) (wolverine gets beat to shit, ironfist is BOSS) they retreat to Avengers Mansion witch they find to be under Millitary Gaurd under orders by the president.

    here is some badass pages from the issue if u care :)




  3. I definitely understand what you guys are saying, and I probably could have said what I was trying to say a bit better... What I actually meant was that she was new to the Avengers. I mean I know about her role in Secret War and Secret Warriors and all, but to the Avengers, she is the newbie. That's not to say she's completely inexperienced, but she is the newest member of the Avengers. She has no Avengers experience. I actually don't have any problem with Quake besides the fact that she's going to end up saving the more experienced Avengers just so it looks like she belongs. It bugs me a bit that she'll be saving Cap, IM, etc.

    That's a good point on Osborn and the terrorist attack in Chicago, Movieartman... I mean you'd think that SHIELD would have known that Osborn was directly involved with planning the attack since it all led to him attacking Asgard, but maybe there's no direct proof linking him to the attack... I mean even if the U-Foes said, "Yeah, Norman Osborn told us to instigate an attack" who'd really believe them? So while people may suspect Osborn had a hand in it, there may be no conclusive proof. You're not the only person to say NA has been better than Avengers... After checking out those pages, I'm kind of wondering if I'm reading the wrong Avengers book...