Saturday, February 25, 2012

Weekly Comic News for February 25th

It's comic news time! Yep, that's my opener because I've immediately lost any semblance of making a creative intro for this thing. So instead of rambling and stalling, I'm cutting straight to the point. So let's get you your weekly dose of comic news.

Daniel to Snyder: "Can I play?"

News broke this week that Detective Comics, the only Bat-book previously not involved with the massive "Night of the Owls" event besides Batwoman, would also join in with the other cool kids. Last month Detective Comics was said to not be involved due to Daniel's current storyline, but apparently he's changed his mind and wanted to join the bandwagon along with Catwoman, Birds of Prey, Red Hood and the Outlaws, Batman and Robin, and the other Bat-Books. Considering Tony Daniel's first issue of Detective Comics had so much controversy that no one knew if it too place in present day or five years prior, I can't say I'm excited for this news. (Source)

Young Justice for All (with Game consoles)

It was also announced this week that there will be a Young Justice video game called "Young Justice: Legacy" based on the cartoon network animated series, released in 2013. The game will feature twelve playable characters that have yet to be announced, but will obviously include Robin, Aqualad, Kid Flash, Artemis, Miss Martian and Superboy. Also the game will feature twelve unannounced villains to take on. The tagline simply states "One Will Rise. One Will Fall. One Will Die." (Game Site)

Bendis to take over X-Men?!

Rumor has it, Brian Michael Bendis will take over the writing duties for the X-Books after the conclusion of the Avengers vs. X-Men storyline. It's been known for some time that Bendis would be wrapping up his writing for the Avengers books soon, but having him jump over to writing the X-Men books once again is interesting to say the least. (Read more) When asked for his thoughts about Brian Michael Bendis taking over the writing duties for the X-Men comics, X-Man75 was quoted as saying:

New Spidey Game: Tougher than Rhino Skin

This week we also found out the first villain to be announced in the new Amazing Spider-Man game, that will be released June 26th to tie-in with the upcoming Amazing Spider-Man movie, is none other than The Rhino. Sporting a new look and possibly a new attitude, this Rhino is said to be more focused and smarter than the past incarnations, but I doubt the Amazing Arachnid will have a problem with him. To see a trailer with the Rhino as well as an interview with the game developers, click here.

Man makes 3.5 Million from Selling Comics

It wasn't me, and I'm jealous. (Read more here)

Is The Rock a Demi-God?

Although the Wrestler-turned-Actor is slated to face WWE Poster boy John Cena at this years WrestleMania, that doesn't mean The Rock isn't keeping busy. The People's Champ may soon play the role of the strongest man (Sorry Mark Henry) as rumor has it Brett Ratner's upcoming film focused on Hercules may star Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. I can't say I'm too excited, but personally I'm still waiting for The Rock to play Black Adam in a SHAZAM movie.

Spidey swings onto Disney XD

After the travesty that occurred when Spectacular Spider-Man was ended, word spread that a new Spider-Man cartoon would come to Disney XD. That new cartoon is Ultimate Spider-Man, which debuts April 1st. The series has a few plusses so far though, as it will be written by Paul Dini, Brian Michael Bendis and more. (Source)

That's it for this week's comic news, as always guys and gals, feel free to comment with any news you think I missed or you want to discuss. Another short week of news but I hope you all enjoyed. Until next time, this is Jason Todd signing off.


  1. Well, you know what? I don't care if it IS an Owl crossover, there is NO way in hell I'll be picking up Detective for as long as Daniel is writing it, period, the end.

    Meh to that YJ video game. I def won't be picking that up.

    You know what, JT? I'm not THAT horrified at the thought of Bendis taking over the X-Men books... I mean I've hated the X-books for the most part for a while now(pretty much since Decimation), so if Marvel somehow FINALLY undoes the No More Mutants bullshit, who knows, maybe Bendis will bring some good work to X-Men. I mean I enjoyed his early Avengers work, I just think he's been doing Avengers for so long now he has nothing worthwhile left to add. I'd actually be fine with Gillen and Aaron heading over to the Avengers books and seeing what they could do there if Bendis does get control of the X-Books...

    Other than that, I'm actually surprised to see that Paul Dini is working on the new Spidey cartoon... Has he done any work for Marvel prior to this? I always thought of him as a pure DC guy.

  2. Couldn't agree more X, not a fan of Daniel's work, he could co write with Snyder and I still wouldn't read it. His art is amazing, but the writing is no...

    Yeah... that game is... yeah.

    I'm kinda surprised, but to be honest I just wanted a reason to post that .gif file :P But we'll see what you think when he DOES take over, since you had so much to complain about when you read Ultimate Spidey, which has been AWESOME.

    I wanna say Dini worked on the last show but I'm not 100%...

  3. I LOL'd at that gif. I'm kinda surprised it's not more in line with X's reaction, though...I would've thought he'd be horrified. I know I am.

    I think Ultimate Spider-Man is the first Marvel work Dini will have done. Apparently he's also involved in the upcoming Hulk animated show. I was kind of surprised by those things, since he was so heavily involved in Arkham Asylum and Arkham City.

    And before I go, just let me throw another hat into the "Tony Daniel is a horrible writer" ring.

  4. I have a HUGE love/hate relationship with Bendis... He singlehandedly made the Avengers into one of Marvel's top franchises. Seriously, he took a franchise that had ONE title a month, and was barely selling past middle of the pack numbers and made it into a franchise with FOUR ongoing series(come March), a HUGE upcoming movie, a great cartoon, and one of Marvel's top selling books... So while I do tend to complain about Bendis A LOT at times, I'll never discount the work he's done building up the Avengers. I just think he stuck around for too long. I just feel his earlier work was way better than his recent work. He's had some good storylines recently, but he never reached that level of great that he started off with. That's why I'm not horrified by Bendis on the X-books. I think he'll be able to breathe some new life into what I feel have been pretty sucktacular X-Men stories the past 4-5 years or so(except for the all-too-brief Brubaker run), so I'm okay with this move(if it happens...). Sure, I could be wrong, but I'm uncharacteristically optimistic on this... Oh, and I DID like the current Ultimate Spidey, JT! I just didn't like it enough for $4! Who knows, maybe now that I'm making some money again, I'll toss it back on the old pull list... Hmm, maybe that's a post I should consider typing up one day...

  5. The Rock is epic. That is all. :) lol

  6. Oh also, Im liking the new look for Rhino in the new Spidey game. Maybe I'll be playing it this round.