Thursday, February 9, 2012

Secret Avengers #22

First review of the new week is my Pick of the Litter, Secret Avengers #22. Instead of talking about it, let's get to that review!

Secret Avengers #22:

Summary: In Pakistan, a terrorist attempts to detonate himself in a crowd, but is shocked to see a nearby woman absorb the flames from the blast and amplify said flames, nearly destroying the entire village. Some random robots know about this and decide to investigate. Meanwhile, in the Avengers Earth orbiting base, the Watchtower... Oops, did I say Watchtower? How careless of me... I meant to say Lighthouse, which is where the Secret Avengers were stationed... Why ever would I think “Watchtower”??? Anyway, the Secret Avengers(Hawkeye, Captain Britain, Beast, Ant-Man, Black Widow, Valkyrie) hear about the terrorist attack and decide to investigate as well. The Secret Avengers end up saving the woman from the terrorists, who had captured her hoping to harness her abilities, but the Secret Avengers are soon assaulted by the weird robot guys from earlier. The robots manage to capture the woman and escape, which was a part of Hawkeye's plan, as he had Ant-Man hitch a ride on one of the robots. This issue ends with a cabal of androids and robots plotting evil deeds.

Thoughts: Wow, this was... not at all what I was hoping for... I mean, I've enjoyed the hell out of Rick Remender's Venom work, I've enjoyed most of his Uncanny X-Force work, but I have to say, with the exception of the team(which I like... mainly), this issue did absolutely nothing for me. First off, Captain Britain was just as unlikable as usual. Besides him though, I really like the team here(even though I'd bet GOOD money that Ant-Man will be biting the bullet soon). The story? I really have nothing good to say about it. It varied between boring and annoying. The dialogue was pretty good, as Remender seemed to have Beast and Hawkeye's voice's down rather well. All things considered, especially in light of how much I was looking forward to this one, this issue was a major letdown.

Score: 5 1/2 out of 10.
secret avengers #22
At least Hawkeye and Beast were in this issue...


  1. Honestly? I have no idea what happened in this issue. I read some other reviews that thought this confusion proved that Remender was a genius, but, to me, it just proved that maybe someone needs to be edited a little more. I'm glad I'm not the only one who wasn't totally enamored with this issue. Why are Hawkeye books sucking lately? WHY?

  2. HA! Comic book fans make me laugh sometimes, JW... I swear, it's like if a writer is nearly unintelligible, they're a genius... I honestly don't get that line of thinking at all. I like reading and actually understanding what I've just read! I don't want to sit there baffled for ten minutes after putting down a comic book! Remender's been pretty strong on both Venom and X-Force(the earlier issues), but this issue? Ugh... Maybe it's just this series... I mean I LOVE Ed Brubaker's work like 97% of the time, but his run on this title didn't really do much for me. Maybe this series is cursed or something.

    "Why are Hawkeye books sucking lately? WHY?" HA! It's horrible, isn't it? He's getting one of his best pushes in years, and most of the books he's been showing up in have been really bad. It's not fair!! Hawkeye deserves SO much better than this!!

  3. "I mean I LOVE Ed Brubaker's work like 97% of the time, but his run on this title didn't really do much for me." Hey, man, I gotta say that I feel the same. Brubaker just couldn't handle more than the Captain America aspect of his Secret Avengers stories... except for the very first issue.

  4. Yeah, the Brubaker thing is weird, because he could write the phone book and have me on the edge of my seat, but for whatever reason I never connected with his Secret Avengers work... It wasn't horrible, but it was definitely not up to Brubaker's usually stellar standards.