Friday, February 24, 2012

X-Men Legacy #262

Last speed review of the night, and it's the most recent issue of X-Men Legacy. Christos Gage writing Exodus SHOULD make for a good comic book... Here's hoping that's what we get here.

X-Men Legacy #262:

Summary: With Exodus now on his way to Crazy Mutie Island(Utopia) to kill Lord Summers, Wolverine takes Rogue, Cannonball, Frenzy, Gambit, Iceman and Rachel Grey to try to halt Exodus before he can attempt his grim act. Rogue wants to warn Crazy Mutie Island, but Wolverine tells her not to since Exodus was their responsibility to stop. The team heads after Exodus, but not before Rogue secretly sends a message to Crazy Mutie Island on a time delay, just in case Exodus can't be defeated. From there Wolvie's squad manages to ground Exodus, but prove unable to stop him... At all. Exodus spends most of this issue beating up on Wolvie's team, and this one ends with Our Lord and Savior Hope(REALLY?!?) and her band of brainwashed misfits arriving to assist Wolvie after intercepting the message Rogue sent to Crazy Mutie Island.

Thoughts: Oh, well thank the gods, Our Lord and Savior is on the case!! Why the hell should I even bother reading the next issue of this series since we ALL know what's gonna happen! Here's a hint, it involves Our Lord and Savior Hope defeating Exodus, probably with ease, while every other character in the comic book(as well as probably Exodus himself) stands around kissing her ass. So yeah, basically I HATED the ending of this one... This issue was moving along fine and good until the appearance of that damned Hope... I mean come on, I drop every series where she may pop up and what happens? She pops up in this series! I just have no luck sometimes...

Score: 6 out of 10.
x-men legacy #262
Oh Wolverine... How many times have we seen this happen to you...


  1. I can see why you would not want Hope to appear but don't you see, if this goes the way I see it going Hope and the kids are gonna get their arses kicked but in the end everyone is gonna combine their powers and exodus will have to pull out (btw 5$ that eventually x-force is gonna go after this guy) probably no kids are gonna die but they probably will be really injured and scarred which will prove Wolverines point, so in a way Hope's appearance is just to make herself look worse.

  2. On a side note next week looks terrible for Marvel, there's only like 3 comics that I even read in those coming out and I can't say I'm really hyped for any of them.

  3. "so in a way Hope's appearance is just to make herself look worse."
    Man, I really hope that's the case... I'd love to see Hope get taken down a notch or fifty. She's a character that could really use getting knocked down a few pegs. I'm just worried that, with the way Hope has been written since... pretty much she first appeared, she's gonna be the great Savior, again...

    Hmm, I haven't checked out next week's comic list yet, but I definitely wouldn't mind a somewhat light week... The past two weeks have been murder on my wallet!

  4. I don't mind light, but i do get a bit miffed when the best comics i expect to be reading are astonishing x-men and ultimate avengers

  5. Yea, I liked this one because I see it the same as Anon. Rogue calls Cyclops for help and instead of sending the vets, the kids show up. This will probably infuriate Wolverine and I am sure the comic will end proving Wolvie right. I liked this turn of events because it builds more on the reasons Wolvie left Utopia.

  6. Yeah, if the kids get trounced by Exodus, that does really add more weight to Wolvie's argument that the kids aren't ready to face threats such as Exodus yet, which I would enjoy. Still, I fear opening issue #263 and seeing Hope simply demolish Exodus...

  7. If this goes the way you seem to think it will X then maybe some mutants will see Cyclops in a better light and be more forwards to support him when AVX comes around.
    Also I really think Exodus would do well as an X-Force villain.

  8. In a way that makes sense since it seems that most of the mutants are going against the Avengers if you believe the teaser images Marvel has been releasing lately.

    As for Exodus, I'm such a fan of his I'd like to see him in X-Force, X-Factor, or just about anything else!

  9. I thought that Gage at least gave us an interesting fight. I mean, you could tell the authors didn't really expect anyone to take Cyclops' side during "Schism," because, I mean, it's not like "I don't see why children shouldn't be foot soldiers" is an overly supportable position. But, here, Logan and Rogue both make excellent points and are, in a way, right. If Rogue hadn't called for help, Exodus would've used her team to take down Cyclops. But, by having Hope and the Lights arrive, Gage is showing that Logan wasn't wrong either. It's still a helluva lot more compelling than anything I've seen in the other core books!

  10. Agreed, JW... I'm actually a bit mystified by my score here... I could have sworn I liked this issue more in retrospect... I could have been in an especially bad mood when I read this, I guess. Regardless, I'd still rather read ANYTHING Gage writes X-wise than the other X-writers(except for Grischler, who'd I'd be reading if not for that cover price...). Huh, I'm still puzzled by that 6... :/