Thursday, February 2, 2012

Stormwatch #6

And our final review of the night is the only DC book I picked up this week, Stormwatch. This series has been solid from the get go, so let's hope that trend continues here.

Stormwatch #6:

Summary: With Stormwatch's ship critically damaged by Harry Tanner's betrayal last issue, the team is floating in space, mainly thanks to Jenny putting a forcefield around the team. Jack Hawksmoor uses his powers to actually “talk” to the damaged ship, at which time we learn that the ship was a captured Daemonite ship. The ship isn't keen on assisting the Stormwatchers and would happily let them perish, but Jack manages to strike a bargain with the ship, telling it that he'd allow it a voice, and the ability to try to misdirect Stormwatch if it was to repair itself. The ship takes Jack up on the offer and begins to auto repair itself, pulling the Stormwatchers back into the ship and sealing off the hole. With that all taken care of, Engineer decides to take command of the team, seeing as that their former leader(Projectionist) had been captured by Harry, and is told by Midnighter that he and Apollo would be sticking with the team for the time being, mainly to get revenge on Harry. From there Engineer shows the team a map of the Earth marked in black and gold, with each mark showing either a dangerous or valuable alien artifact. Engineer reasons that Harry would be going after those artifacts, and that Stormwatch would have to try to anticipate which Harry would go after first. This issue ends with Harry forcing Projectionist to use her powers in some sort of alternate dimension, which shows her that Stormwatch was going to be distracted by something powerful enough to threaten the universe itself.

Thoughts: I REALLY enjoyed this issue! There really wasn't a slow part to be found here, and the story is really starting to come together. All of the little reveals(like the ship being a Daemonite), and the character development scenes blended together perfectly. Really, everything here was great, which makes me all the sadder that Paul Cornell is leaving this series, because he really seems to know what he's doing. This issue gave us the full Stormwatch team, gave Midnighter and Apollo a reason for sticking around(considering they were both loners at the start of this series), and gave Stormwatch a longterm enemy, as well as missions to run. All in all, Cornell did a masterful job of putting the team together and putting events into motion... I wish the other team books I read from DC were HALF as together as THIS series is!

Score: 9 out of 10.
That “I'm the damn Midnighter” line HAD to be a tip of the cap to All-Star Batman and Robin! It just had to!!


  1. I am loving this series so much, even with characters like Projectionist who really bug me. That line from Midnighter, 'I'm the damn Midnighter, I don't care what they hear' just captures his character brilliantly and I'm actually scared about what a new writer might do to this series. I wich Cornell could leave Demon Knights instead of Stormwatch.

  2. "I wich Cornell could leave Demon Knights instead of Stormwatch." I agree with that so much... Cornell really knows these characters, and has crafted this series brilliantly. It's going to be so sad to see him go... I've read that Peter Milligan is going to be taking over the book down the road, so hopefully he'll write it more like Hellblazer than Justice League Dark.