Thursday, February 16, 2012

JT's Take: Catwoman #6

Hey everyone, JT here again with another review that you won't get from my blogging counterpart. :P This time I'm gonna review Judd Winick's Catwoman series, which I've enjoyed since the beginning, let's see if this issue kept up the trend.

Catwoman #6
Summary: We kick things off with Catwoman in a holding cell with some crooked GCPD officers, asking where's the dirty money she stole from the electric powered super-villain known as Reach. The officers leave as Reach beats the hell out of a handcuffed Catwoman, before asking her where the money is, and when she gets too close, Selina pulls a Mike Tyson and bites off Reach's ear. This of course leads to a pissed off Reach about to skin our favorite Cat until a clean police officer saves Catwoman and lets her go free, before the crooked cops return. During her escape with the cash, Catwoman is stopped by Batman who tells her to return the stolen money, but she refuses. This leads to a knock-down, drag-out fight between The Bat and The Cat until Batman finally yells at her and asks how long she thinks he can keep letting her get away with this, and if she wants to die from all of her stupid risks. Surprisingly Catwoman replies with "Maybe I do!" which stuns and surprises Batman. He backs away and lets Catwoman continue her escape, as she finds her friend Gwen, a woman that fences stolen goods, and reveals to her that she's Catwoman and she needs her help as this issue comes to a close.

Thoughts: I think Judd Winick did a great job on this issue, we've seen that the GCPD is crooked but Catwoman has at least one officer willing to help her, we saw more of Reach who I really enjoy as Catwoman's main villain, as it looks to be heating up even more since Reach got her ear bit off. I loved that scene because it showed how ruthless Catwoman can become when backed into a corner, which is a great thing to have in a character. I also really enjoyed the scene with Batman, as you can see he does care about Catwoman more than just a sex-partner and he wants to help someone that just doesn't want help, and you really got a feel for that during their argument. I also want to point out how great Guillem March's artwork was, he drew the fights great and the action really translated, and I really like how he draws Reach, she comes off as a big, thick, hoss of a woman who looks a bit like an Amazon, so she definitely looks like an intimidating factor, I really hope we see more of her. He also did an amazing job on the expressions of Catwoman and the rest of the cast. If there was anything I didn't enjoy is that the end seemed a bit anti-climactic with Selina running to Gwen and telling her who she was, especially after losing her last friend so soon, but I guess it makes sense considering she has dirty money she's going to need laundered now.

Score: 8.5 out of 10.
Batman: Put the money down. It's caused you enough trouble.
Catwoman: This? This is just laundry.


  1. I absolutely LOVED LOVED LOVED this issue of Catwoman. X, if you're reading this comment....sir you should really reconsider reading Catwoman, lol.

    I mean the only thing I disliked about the issue was there wasn't enough!!! Lol. I needed more. The art as always was so clean and crisp. I really hope they stick with the inker and colorist for a while. And I hope this isn't the last of Reach. She's one of my new favorite villains.

  2. I couldn't agree more Lisha, Reach is a pretty awesome character and the more and more Catwoman pisses her off, the more likely it is that it won't bode too well for her. I agree with Lisha, you should start reading Catwoman again X.

  3. It seriously won't be the last time we see Reach I know that for sure. I mean Catwoman bit her like Tyson lol. I can't wait for the next issue.

  4. Me either, from what I've read Judd is introducing another new villain in the next issue, but I'm positive Reach will be back sooner than later.

  5. id like to see a story between Reach and Grace choi
    there characters are very similar i think they would go well togethor as partners.... in Crime?, in Love?

    but yeah i agree completly man good review

  6. I loved Grace's character but I'd rather see her fght Reach than team up, only because they'd run roughshod over everyone they came up against. I'd love for her to join the Outlaws though. Her and Wally and let Bryan Miller or Judd write it.. I'd buy two!

  7. No, YOU buy two and one issue of Catwoman. Lol. Oh morning glories is next week... Well Wednesday

  8. "No, YOU buy two and one issue of Catwoman." Screw that noise! :D

    Hot DAMN! That's awesome! I was expecting to wait at least another month or two for the next issue of that series! Unless something like Children's Crusade or Avengers Academy comes out on Wednesday, MG very well may be my Pick for the week.

  9. You suck so much X, you're like... um... the Crazy Quilt of this blog. :P

    Yeah, Lisha told me it drops this Wednesday and I can't friggin wait, although I'm loving Avengers Academy, on issue 15 now. And that's between all my working lately.

  10. Wait, does that mean I'm blind... FOREVER? Because if that's the case, that really sucks...

    Yup, I checked out the comic list after I saw this post and saw that MG does indeed come out this week! That and like 17 other books I'm buying... :/ On the plus side, Avengers Academy AND Deadpool both drop too, making this a hell of a good week.

    And MAN am I glad you're enjoying Academy, JT! Like seriously! Any favorite moments/characters/anything else? Because if you want to mention ANYTHING from that series, you KNOW I'm game!

  11. Yep, THIS TIME IT'S FOREVER!!!!!!!!!! Or... ya know... not.

    Sweet, I can't wait to see what happens in Deadpool, I read an interview with Dan Way today... should be VERY interesting when this storyline concludes.

    Dude, I love it. I don't wanna spoil anything in case Lisha see's since she may read it but I LOVED the stuff with the future bodies, I loved the issue where they meet the guy who was in their "class" and became rich, I mean, I've loved every bit of it honestly. It's probably my favorite comic at the moment.

  12. HA!! That Batman... He's always so unsure about things like permanent blindness... :D

    Reeeeeealy? I'd best not ask what was said for fear of spoilers, correctamundo?

    Wow, I was hoping you'd enjoy it, but I must say, reading that sure does make me UBER-happy! And to be honest with ya, some of my favorite stories from that series are STILL to come! The Fear Itself tie-ins were exceptionally well written. Hell, feel free to throw a comment on to one of the older Academy posts if you want, that way Lisha won't read any spoilers.

    Oh, and since you're enjoying Academy, you MAY seriously want to pick up the Avengers: The Initiative series. It ran for about 30-something issues and is written by Christos Gage(who does Academy and X-Men Legacy, which is the only reason I'm picking up Legacy) and DAN SLOTT! Gage and Slott do some collaborating during the early issues(the first 15 or 20 I think) before Gage takes over full time, and since I know you've loved Slott's Spidey work, Initiative may be worth a look.

  13. Haha, the best part was he did NO tests, he simply speculated.

    He didn't really spoil anything luckily but he did really hype the next storyline, and possibly a new Deadpool, so take that for what you will.

    Oh definitely, I'll comment on the older reviews and we can talk em up, I'm actually on the first Fear Itself issue so I can only imagine what's coming. I also re-read that Spidey story with them. What do you do? What DO you DO?!

    Damn you X... You're gonna make me so broke. Between this and Uncanny X Force, which I'm having them order for me, I'm gonna have to wait for my tax return...

  14. HA!!! Exactly! How did he KNOW it was forever?! There could have been some major advance in medical science that would give Quilt his sight back! :P

    Evil Deadpool again, please. :D

    I bet ya probably enjoyed those Spidey issues a bit more now that you actually know who those characters were. And that line HAD to be the scan I took from that comic! It just HAD to be!!

    HA! What can I say, I'm a bastard. But seriously, Initiative is a lot like Academy in that it's mainly new characters that were created by Gage and Slott, with a few established characters thrown in there as well. Some of the characters that came out of Initiative are amongst my favorite c-listers too.

  15. "There could have been some major advance in medical science that would give Quilt his sight back!" Cause Bruce is a dick! Hell his son has a titanium spine but Quilt is blind FOREVER!!!

    Haha. I doubt that. More like possibly handsome Deadpool...

    Exactly, It was MUCH more enjoyable, and you did use that scan. Man Spidey was ON in that issue...What DO you Do?! Oh, remember Kaine said Wallopin Web Snappers a few issues back in ASM? I was watching the 60's Spidey cartoon and he said it! I immediately bust out laughing.

    Alright that's all I needed, so now I gotta buy Uncanny X-Force and The Initiative. Hell, it'd be easier to rent your books. :P

  16. "Cause Bruce is a dick!" HA!!!!! That's an answer you can use on SO many things concerning Bruce!

    Non-Evil Deadpool?

    HA! I did not know that. Nicely done Mr. Slott.

    I wish you'd have read Academy sooner, 'cause I'd have told you to get Initiative before X-Force actually! Slott + Gage + Awesome Characters = Fantastic series!

  17. Exactly, he's almost as much of a dick as Golden-Age Superman...

    Handsome, somewhat evil, current Deadpool.

    Yeah, that was a great ode to the old cartoon that I'm glad I caiught.

    I had them order it, I'll look into Avengers Initiative tomorrow and hopefully they have that trade.