Saturday, February 25, 2012

Magneto: Not A Hero #4

One more speed review for the night, and it's the final issue of the most recent Magneto mini-series. I thoroughly enjoyed the first two issues of this series, but was a bit let down by the third issue. I'm hoping issue #3 was just a minor bump in the road, and that things will pick up again with this issue.

Magneto: Not A Hero #4(of 4):

Summary: Joseph tells Human Now(yes, yet ANOTHER anti-mutant group) leader Christopher Bach that he wanted to change their prior agreement in which Joseph was to kill a few of Bach's fellow Human Now bigots(which would garner Bach greater attention)... Instead of killing a few, Joseph wanted to kill a few HUNDRED, figuring that would cause the world to fear the name Magneto again... From there we fast-forward a few days where Joseph and his clone Brotherhood of Evil Mutants attack a massive park rally. Magneto gets wind of what Joseph was up to(not to mention the fact that Joseph was doing it dressed AS Magneto), and has Astra teleport him to Joseph's location. From there, Astra escapes. Mags kills the Blob clone, before engaging Joseph in battle. Joseph continuously attempts to kill innocent civilians and bigots alike, while Mags is forced to save the people. Eventually Mags manages to subdue his wayward clone, and tells Joseph that Mags didn't have to be “evil”, as long as he got his way. And if that meant siding with Lord Summers and his X-Men, then that was what Mags would do... For as long as it served his purposes. With Joseph done for, Bach and some of his fellow bigots approach Mags shouting anti-mutant rhetoric. Bach tells Mags to show them what kind of a man he was, and Mags proceeds to drop a ton of rubble on top of Bach and the rest of the bigots(!!). By this point Lord Summers and his team have arrived on the scene, and Mags hands over Joseph, but claims ignorance as to Bach's whereabouts.

Thoughts: Now that's more like it! That's the way I like my Magneto! Not the whipped one that currently follows Lord Summers around like a toothless little puppy dog, but as the man who all of humanity SHOULD fear. The true mutant bogeyman. As this issue was winding down, with Joseph defeated and all, I figured Mags would simply leave Bach and his fellow bigots alone to show that Mags was the bigger man... Mags dropping all of that rubble on them and probably killing them? That was a great surprise, and a satisfying way to end this mini-series. So sure, Magneto is currently playing the role of Lord Summers' lapdog, but once Mags feels that isn't the best direction for mutantkind to go? He made it perfectly clear here that he'd be willing to do whatever it took to make sure mutantkind survived... By any means necessary.

Score: 7 out of 10.
magneto not a hero #4
Magneto madness!!!


  1. You ever feel that anti-mutant bigots are a special kind of retard, seriously Magneto just saved Bach's ass and he knew it too and all those other guys knew it too, but do they care? Noooo, they just go on hating muties as if they just blew up half of america.
    Thing is, its ALWAYS like this, no one can be this stupid or conceited, i know this word isn't really the right word considering this is a comic universe where pretty much anything goes but its just not realistic.

  2. YES! Exactly! That's something that's always bugged me about the way the citizens of the Marvel Universe looked at mutants! How can they celebrate the Fantastic Four, but loathe mutants? I mean both the FF members and mutants have powers, and yet the FF is loved and mutants are hated. I guess with mutants there's that whole fear that anybody could be one, and that they're secretive or hiding something, but it just seems odd that so many people seem to hate mutants... But then, maybe it's just a very vocal minority of people in the Marvel U who hate mutants. I mean even in real life you have a vocal minority of people who hate other people for random stupid stuff... Huh, maybe the way mutants are treated in the Marvel U is more realistic than I originally thought...

  3. Yo, I am new to your blog but I have been stalki- I mean following your blogposts for quiet a while. That being said the ending took me by surprise too! But in the end I just smiled and thought "This. This is the Magneto we all know and love" This series was perfect. Except for Joseph being the evil mags. He already was an established character back in the 90s but bringing him back as *EEVVIIL* is soo out of character for him. I would be okay if he was like Joseph 2.0 with all the carebear kindness glitches taken out but not him as the original. Also, these forms of hatred are existant (dont know if I spelled it right) in the real world too. Just not in many places.

  4. Yea!...Magneto's back!'s ya boy RadT excited that Magneto is not a chump as I thought he was becoming. Just really couldn't see MAGNETO of all people following order....he gives orders! So him being a Scott Summers pup goes against the character I know. But since he really is USING Scott to accomplish his will and will soon turn on him....I can live with that....for a while anyway. At least his true nature and character is intact. Hey X, by the way, I just left a 'treat' in response to a comment you made and I feel you will find it quite interesting in regards to Nate Grey on the New Mutants #38 review. When you get a chance, check it out and tell me what you think!

  5. Always great to hear from somebody new, Average One! I definitely agree with you on the whole Joseph being evil thing... At first it did kind of bug me because he had been established as a "good guy". No shades of gray, but totally good. So his suddenly being pure evil did take me by surprise, but the story was so good I was able to overlook it. If this series would have sucked and the story would have been terrible, Joseph's sudden evil turn probably would have been one of the things that I complained about. It goes to show you what a good story can accomplish... No complaints from me! :D You did bring up a pretty good point though... Even with this being the original Joseph, who's to say what Astra did to his mind while she was bringing him back. Maybe she did take all of those carebear kindness glitches(which is a phrase I am totally gonna be stealing because it's awesome!) out of him before sending him out into the world. And totally agreed again on your last two lines. Much like in the Marvel U, you still have bigots out there in the world who can't accept people who are different from themselves. The anti-mutant bigots just seem to get more mainstream approval in the Marvel U than the idiot bigots in the real world.

    Yep, RadT, I was VERY pleased with the way this mini closed out. It basically showed us that this STILL was Magneto(the awesome version!), and that he was only following Lord Summers because it seemed to be the best way to help mutantkind. And when Lord Summers moved away from his current path? Mags would make sure things continued moving the way he saw fit... It was perfect! Oh, you know I'll be going over there in a few!