Sunday, February 12, 2012

Wolverine and the X-Men #5

Huh, we're already 5 issues into this series? It doesn't seem like there's been that many... Oh well, here's the fifth issue of Wolvie and the X-Men.

Wolverine and the X-Men #5:

Summary: This issue gets started with the Board of Directors at Worthington Industries(rightfully!) ruling Angel mentally unfit to run the company. This all gets blamed (unnecessarily in my eyes) on the Hellfire Club bribing the Board-members, but seriously, Angel is whacked out now! With the main source of the school's funding gone, Wolvie grabs Quentin Quire and takes off into space to find himself some way to keep the school open. From there, Beast takes Jason Aaron's favorite students on a tour of the inside of Toad's body where Kid Gladiator gets beat up by a white blood cell, which leaves him pissed off. Afterwards, Shadowcat finally asks for Beast's help, seeing as that she's suddenly uber-pregnant. Beast runs some tests and finds a mess of microscopic Broodlings killing Shadowcat from the inside. Kid Gladiator, still smarting over his beating at the hands of Toad's white blood cells, shrinks himself down, enters Shadowcat(that sounded way dirtier than it should have...) and attacks the Broodlings. This issue ends with some sort of giant, humanoid Brood heading towards Earth.

Thoughts: Meh. The humor here did nothing for me, I don't care for the story, and I don't like any of the kids Aaron seems so insistent on shoving to the forefront of this series... Well, except for Genesis I guess... I'm seriously beginning to second-guess myself with regards to keeping this series and dropping Uncanny X-Men... I'll probably add Uncanny X-Men back to my pull list, and keep this series through the Avengers vs X-Men event and then decide which series to keep, because right now I honestly don't want to read either of the main X-books...

Score: 5 1/2 out of 10.
wolverine and the x-men #5
Oh the hilarity...


  1. What can I tell you, I'm team Wolvie but I'm enjoying Uncanny X-men way more than this book.

  2. man ur gonna have to be getting both in 2 months dew to dems tying in to AVX so i say just stick with this one and pick up the other when avx starts

  3. That's kind of what I expect to happen to me, Alien... I'm FULLY on Wolverine's side of things, but I am just not enjoying this series at all... I'd bet I'd enjoy Uncanny way more too...

    Yup, I'll def be getting both books come the AvX event(plus a ton more I'm sure...), Movieartman. That's the way I'm leaning right now too, I'll probably stick with Wolvie and the X-Men until AvX begins, then add Uncanny to my pull list, and then at the end of the event, I'll either stick with both series or drop one(or both) depending on the fallout of AvX.

  4. Whew! I'm so relieved that Kitty wasn't really pregnant, and was just infected with Brood. That would've been a stupid, soap-operatic turn in a book I've really enjoyed.

    Isn't the humor here consistent with Aaron's work in Wolverine? Bear in mind, I just read that whole Chinatown arc, so the similarities really stand out. Not the most highbrow stuff, but it does give the book a light, fun atmosphere missing from any of the other X-books (save maybe the new X-men Legacy).

    I think WatXm is better than UXm, and this is coming from a huge Kieron Gillen fan. But then again, I don't have anything against the students in WatXm, and really dig the lighthearted, fun tone. UXm hasn't been bad, but it feels like Gillen is only now (in the last two issues) starting to put his spin on the book. The cast in UXm has just been a bit too large and unwieldy for my tastes.

  5. HA!! That first line actually made me laugh out loud, TRobb! I felt the same way, Kitty suddenly being pregnant would have been SO lame, but honestly, the fact that we were both happy that she's infested with broodlings is kind of terrible! :D

    I actually thought the Chinatown arc was WAY funnier than the stuff going on here. I remember laughing at a few things from the Chinatown arc, while I mainly roll my eyes or groan at some of the gags here. Like those dumb Bamf things writing something like Wolverine eats boogers on the wall... That just makes me shake my head, not laugh. Regardless, I'll be sticking with this series through the summer. Then I'll make up my mind.

  6. LOL, yeah. Only in comics would we be relieved to learn that someone has been infected by killer aliens. But that's how bad baby daddy drama would be in this book! I'm a fan of the brood in general (really the only outer space-themed x-men stories I like), so I look forward to the resolution of this arc.

    My favorite part of the Chinatown arc was the dialogue between Wolverine and Gorilla man, which is comparable to a lot of the banter between the faculty in this book. Likewise, the juvenile stuff here is a lot like anything involving fat cobra in the Chinatown arc. You may think the humor of one is better than the other, but the similarities are there.

  7. Agreed on the Brood. I've always liked them and have to say am pleased to see them pop up here.

    I recall enjoying the interactions between Wolvie and Gorilla Man, as well as that kid and the villain of the piece(I forgot both of their names...). As for Fat Cobra? Eh, he had his moments. I think my thing is that the overall theme of that Chinatown storyline was comedy, while this series is trying to blend comedy with seriousness... If this was a purely comedic series, that's one thing, but I'm just not digging the attempted marriage of comedy and seriousness here. But that's just me.