Friday, March 30, 2012

Justice League Dark #7

Last review of the night is the first part of the I, Vampire/Justice League Dark crossover. The first part of this x-over takes place in JLD #7, so that's what I'll be reviewing here. I bet you can guess what the first review for tomorrow will be!

Justice League Dark #7:

Summary: Madame Xanadu has Shade teleport the JLD team to Gotham City, where Cain(the apparent first vampire) was drawing magic into himself and dramatically powering the other vampires in the world. Xanadu tells the team that she had to take a stroll on the astral plane to find some help. Before Xanadu has her out of body experience, she tells Constantine and Deadman to go to the afterlife to find Andrew Bennett, whose death allowed Cain to escape. As for the rest of the team, they meet up with Batman and battle vampires.

Thoughts: Meh. That's my thought on this issue in a word. I mean it wasn't horrible or anything, it just didn't grab my attention. On the plus side, this was probably the best issue of JLD since it debuted, so that's something...

Score: 6 1/2 out of 10.
justice league dark #7
Of course Constantine is insane!


  1. I was sad to see I was FORCED to read this before I, Vampire which has led me to delay reading I Vampire lol. I really hate this series. Once the I Vampire stuff is over, I think I'll be done with JLD. :-/ But glad to see that this was the best issue of the series though lol. Since it does tie into my favorite series.

  2. Hey X! I have a quick question that has nothing to do with this comic.
    Is the Blink that was in the New Mutants for a couple of comics a few months ago the same Blink from the Exiles?

  3. HA! Just when you thought you were finished with this series, Lisha, they pulled you back in again! :P Honestly, if not for the I, Vampire x-over, I doubt this issue would have been much better than the prior six... :/

    I don't think she was(unfortunately), Anon... I THINK(and I could be wrong) that Blink was brought back to life during that Necrosha event a while back. There was a Blink in the regular 616 Marvel U, but she died after like 2 or 3 issues during the Phananx storyline that set up the Gen X series. I think it was that Blink(the dead one) who was in New Mutants, not the Exiles/AOA one.

  4. Ok then where's the awesome Blink? We haven't seen her in ages.

  5. I honestly don't know... I didn't follow the Exiles all the way to the end of the series(I dropped it after Claremont took over and just started adding all of his favorites to the team), so I'm not sure what became of Blink... She wasn't in any of the AOA-related stories I've read, so she didn't return there... That's a good question actually... I have no idea. I'll have to go on a search the next day off I have.