Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I, Vampire #3

After I'm done with this review, I'm halfway to my goal of reading and reviewing all of the I, Vampire books in one sitting. Let's keep going.

I, Vampire #3:

Summary: After fighting his way through Mary's forces last issue, a banged up Andrew heads to the house of a friend to rest up. After resting, Andrew and his friend, an intellectual type named John, go out hunting for Mary's evil vampires. Andrew can sense some vampires hiding in an abandoned train station and enters the station, finding a spunky teenage girl instead. We learn the girl is the obligatory teenage vampire hunter, and is named Tig. Tig attacks Andrew until John can talk some sense into her. Tig reveals that she had chased the vampires away, and after a quick look around, Andrew spots a message left for him by Mary, telling him to find her in Gotham City.

Thoughts: This issue, while still strong, took a bit of a step back for me. Now, I can deal with John, the intellectual who wants to help his vampire friend, but the spunky teenage girl vampire hunter is just SUCH a cliché!! Ugh! Everything about Tig screams unoriginal! Here's hoping she ends up being more than an unstoppable vampire killing machine(as popular culture has taught us all teenage girls are), and actually has some depth and weakness to her character. Otherwise, here's hoping she winds up as vampire food.

Score: 7 1/2 out of 10.
i vampire #3
Hey, it's Buff... I mean, it's Tig: Vampire Slayer!

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