Friday, March 9, 2012

Hell Yeah #1

I was going to review Amazing Spider-Man here, but I've decided to wait until tomorrow night to do that review so I could post it with Venom for that Spider synergy thing I'm going for. That means this comic gets bumped up a few places in my new comic pile. This is a book I decided I'd get on a whim, so here's hoping it's good.

Hell Yeah #1:

Summary: We meet Ben Day in this issue, who's father was a marine during the Gulf War and was saved by the first superheroes. These superheroes then made themselves public and went about making the world a better place. After their appearance, superheroes have been born amongst the world's populace, including Ben, who has some low level strength, durability and a weird tattoo on his neck. With his father insanely famous due to making first contact, Ben is constantly getting into trouble in an effort to get some attention for himself. We eventually meet Ben's dad, who is very supportive of his son, even with all of Ben's troubles, as well as Ben's good friend, a girl named Sara, who is one of the(if not THE) smartest people on the planet. Ben and Sara go to a concert together which gives Ben the opportunity to tell his origin story quick. The next day Ben gets a call from Sara telling him to hurry to their school. Upon arriving, three strangely garbed women exit a smoking hole in the school building and tell Ben that they'd been looking all over for him since everywhere else they've gone he was already dead(?!).

Thoughts: Um... This comic was okay, I guess... It didn't set my world on fire or anything, and none of the characters really grabbed my attention(although Ben could be a good character with time), but this wasn't a terrible read or anything. It just didn't wow me. I'll probably put this series on my pull list, but I'm not sure how long it'll be staying there... The next issue should go a long way in telling me whether this series is a keeper or not.

Score: 6 out of 10.
hell yeah #1
Neither am I!

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