Sunday, March 25, 2012

JT's Take: Catwoman #7

Hey everyone, JT here with a review of what I think is one of the most consistently well written comics coming out of DC since the reboot, Judd Winick's Catwoman.

Catwoman #7

Summary: In this issue we started off seeing Catwoman steal an obscenely expensive 2011 Ferarri California from a very, very rich man. After stealing the car we see a hooded man on the rooftop that planned on stealing the same car. From there we got a feel of Catwoman and her new partner Gwen's relationship. She basically reiterates what Batman had said to Catwoman, that she's taking a bunch of risks that will get her caught or killed, but Catwoman maintains that she has everything under wraps. After coming across another job stealing cars, Catwoman runs it by Gwen but Gwen says it's too good to be true and wants to look into it first. Catwoman, not wanting to let the chance and the money get away, decides to take it into her own hands and go after the cars. Unsurprisingly it was a trap by the police, but before they can apprehend the Feisty Feline, the masked man from earlier drops down and blows up all of the cop's vehicles with his electricity powers. The two escape on Catwoman's motorcycle as the man introduces himself as Spark, and says he wants to steal things with Catwoman.

Thoughts: This was an alright issue, nothing big happened besides the debut of Spark so I'm wondering where they'll take that. I really like that Gwen is yelling at Selina and setting boundaries, considering what happened to Selina's last fencer. There was also a scene where a man in a van knocked out two prostitutes with darts or something then loaded them into his van, that was odd and creepy but I'm sure we'll see more on that in the future. I wish I had more to talk about but sadly not much happened here, it seemed to fly by and not accomplish much this month.

Score: 6.5 out of 10.

Spark: Get on.
Catwoman:That's my bike.
Spark: I know. It's nice. Can we go?

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