Wednesday, March 7, 2012

New Comic Day! March 7th edition

Hey all, it's X here with a somewhat misleading post! The best kind of post if you ask me! As this post is being published, I'm currently slaving away at work. Not only that, but I won't even be getting my comic books for the week until around 7-8 o'clock tonight! However, I figured I'd post a list of the books I EXPECT to pick up later on today... If anything, I can always edit this post when I get home to include anything else I may have picked up or omit anything that I didn't get. But for now, here are the comics I should have in my hands in a few hours time... Irredeemable #35, Stormwatch #7, Fatale #3, Amazing Spider-Man #681, Avengers Academy #27, Avengers: The Children's Crusade #9(!!!!!), Defenders #4, Fear Itself: The Fearless #10, Venom #14, Winter Soldier #3, Wolverine #302, Wolverine and the X-Men: Alpha and Omega #3. 12 books this week, and not only that, but there are several of my favorite comic books on that list! But before we get to this week's Pick and Runt of the Litter, I have to thank my good friend, and blog contributer JT for actually going out of his way and SENDING me a copy of I, Vampire #2! Yes, thanks to JT I was able to pick up I, Vampire #3-6 from the comic shop today as well as those other books and can FINALLY get around to reading those I, Vampire books. So again, a huge thanks to JT for foolishly spending his own hard-earned money on getting me a comic... What a maroon... :P

This week's Pick of the Litter is an absolute no-brainer, it's Avengers: The Children's Crusade #9. All I'm going to say about Children's Crusade is this: I have a comic book collection the size of a small comic shop. I probably have between 15,000 and 20,000 comics(no exaggeration). I also have somewhere around 300-500 trades. Children's Crusade is one of the best Avengers/super-hero titles I have ever read. 'Nuff said. Sure, a lousy ending here could hurt my enjoyment of this mini-series, but overall this was one of the best comic stories I've ever had the pleasure of reading. On a week where Children's Crusade DIDN'T come out, Avengers Academy(with the RUNAWAYS!!), Winter Soldier, Irredeemable or Stormwatch could have had a shot at being my Pick of the Litter, but this week? The decision has NEVER been easier. On the other side of the fence is this week's Runt of the Litter, which will be going to Wolverine and the X-Men: Alpha and Omega #3... I don't know why, but I just never fell into this story as I hoped I would... Maybe I set my sights too high, or maybe the story here is that bad, but I was expecting something way better than what we've gotten. Oh well. And that'll do it for the week. With 12 books this week, expect 6 days of 2 reviews and one day of... well, I don't know yet. I'll figure it out when I get there. Until later on? X out.

Quick Edit... It's 8pm and I just got home with my comics. I ended up picking up Hell Yeah #1 as well as everything on the list above. After I eat dinner(some pizza!), I'll get to reading and reviewing Children's Crusade and Avengers Academy. Those reviews should be up by 10pm (or 11pm at the latest). Until then, X out! Again...


  1. OK i promise you you are DAMN lucky not to be reading Uncanny x-men right now its just...... NO! i must show you!

    yeah he is the biggest whore in all of comics but dammit Namor knows how to sway qweens (lol)
    and then after swaging the royal tapeworm he informs Hope that she is not his type (WHAT THE FUCK!)

    Cap should just send namor in to space to seduce the Pheniox


    yeah marvel is Doomed!

  3. I picked up venom and winter soldier out of the books that you are getting. Looking forward to your reviews on those! Also, I'd no idea that you have that much stuff. How long have you been buying/collecting?

  4. So I see you don't have Age of Apolycalpse on that list. Guess you aren't even going to humor it.

  5. Awww snap!!! It's comic book day!! Leaving out with 12 comics sounds like a decent amount of books without over doing it, right? And JT get's bonus points for sending you I, Vampire #2!!!! He told me about it and I was like "Awwwww that's so nice of you" So he does have a nice side!! :-P Just kidding hun! lol.

    Well let's see here what will you be reviewing this week that I'm looking forward to. Avengers Academy #27, Venom #14 and Winter Soldier #3.

    I'm really looking forward to going back and reading your reviews of Avengers Academy. I love that series. I just finished the second trade and OMG!! I still have to e-mail you my thoughts about the series. I just can't stop reading long enough to e-mail you, lol. So start looking out for that e-mail. :)

    Happy reading!!!

  6. HA!! I could see Namor making an attempt at seducing the Phoenix Force too, Movieartman! "ick, ick, ick"? Really Namor? Really?

    I've been collecting comic books on and off for around 20 years now, Cap... Man, that seems like SUCH a long time when I actually think about it... I picked up my first comic when I was 5, spent my allowance growing up on comics and those comic cards, and stopped collecting during High School since comics weren't "cool" anymore in my adolescent mind, instead sticking with “grown-up” books. After High School some stuff happened and I changed my mind and fell back into the world of comics again, this time enjoying them more deeply than I did as a kid. Since then I've been collecting them for about 6-7 years straight, and having a good paying, steady job after High School helped me spend an INSANE amount of money on comics that I missed during my years of non-collecting, as well as anything else I wanted! I managed to get SO many huge lots off of eBay at low prices, as well as picking up missing issues from certain series from the various online comic shops. So yeah, comic books have been a life-long habit that I've never been able to kick for long... So there's a little history lesson on X! As for Winter Soldier and Venom, I should have a review for Winter Soldier up tomorrow. And Venom? I'm not sure, but prob during the weekend.

    HA! Nope, I decided against it, Jermox... I DID consider it while I was at the shop, but in the end I just couldn't justify picking up a mini-series that would probably further taint my great memories of the AOA. If I heard some REALLY great things about it, I'd consider giving it a go, but as it is now? I'm not really interested.

    HA! I still can't believe JT sent me a copy of I, Vampire #2, Lisha! I was SO confused when I got that package and then when I opened it I cracked up laughing! I hate to say it because I KNOW he'll hold it over my head, but JT is an awesome guy.

    AWESOME! I am SO glad you're enjoying Academy, Lisha! First JT and now you! Man does that make me happy! The more people I can get into that comic, the happier I am! And you know I'll be eagerly awaiting that e-mail to hear/see what you thought about what you've read thus far.

    1. Wow man, that is crazy. I've only been collecting for about 11 years on and off. I too hit the age of thinking that they weren't cool, but i made a mistake and sold mine at our garage sale for 50 bucks! I know there was some good stuff in there too! Anyway I fell back in after going on unemployment and not having much of anything to do. I thought... Hmm I'll go to the comic shop. Then i read all the ones that i wanted to read that were to expensive to buy, in trades from the library. So I've been back at it for about 3-4 years now. I have about 800 single issues and about 25 trades. Had I not sold my old ones, I'd have about 1500. But, ya live and ya learn. SO there ya have it! I've been getting better at dropping series too which has helped me in the cash department. I have never bought off of eBay but i have wanted to. Maybe when i get a better job.

      -Could you or anyone do me a small favor? I didn't pick up the point issues of venom because of money, but I jumped back on at 14 and will most likely read it tonight. So can anyone give me like a short quick synopsis of the point issues up until now? I would GREATLY appreciate it!

    2. Now that you have I, Vampire, I cannot wait to hear your thoughts. Especially since I'm all caught up and well, really digging the series, lol.

      Just know that if you recommend something to JT and he likes it, 9 times out of 10, I'll be recommended to read it as well, lol. He's mainly why I got into reading comics. His recommendations and actually listening to him and reading them :-P. And I'll probably get around to e-mailing you tomorrow since it's my day off. And my other day off is dedicated to JT lol. I'll have to gather some thoughts tonight. :)

      And before I go, Holy shit do you have a lot of comics. I know you've mentioned them to me and JT before but to see it again, the numbers, containers, whooo you should think about renting a storage unit, lol. Free up some space! So I can move in. :)

  7. Got a question for you X - how the heck do you store all those comics? Space is an issue at my place and I'm already wondering what to do when I run out of space in my designated comic drawer (even though I've been back in the game for only 6 months!).

  8. Yeah, I started really young, Cap. I also had the advantage of having a comic shop on the same BLOCK as my apartment growing up, which was awesome, because since it was like 4 buildings down the block, my mother didn't worry about me so I could go to the comic shop every Friday, at like 7 yrs old, and pick up various new books, as well as the occasional back issue. Of course I also would get comics every birthday and x-mas(either comics or video games), which gave me a nice size collection for a pre-teen kid. Ouch... I'm def glad I didn't sell my comics during that "Comics aren't cool!!!" stage. The only books I did lose were my Spider-Man ones, which I gave to my little brother when he got really into Spidey(during the second movie I think). Unfortunately, HE ended up selling them, instead of giving them back to me... :/ Cap, eBay is the way to go to score cheap massive collections(that or I've been able to get lots of like 200 books for like under $50. I've picked up entire series(Impulse, Nightwing, Teen Titans, etc) for prices WAY under what you would have paid at a comic shop. But yeah, when I first got back into collecting, I was LIVING on eBay!

    As for Venom, Blackheart has unleashed Hell on Earth by opening a portal in Las Vegas. Red Hulk was in Vegas to capture Flash, X-23 was there because Blackheart stole her blood(I think...) and Ghost Rider and Johnny Blaze were there because they sensed Blackheart(I think...). Blackheart managed to kill all four heroes, at which time they would up in Hell(Mephisto's Hell). Mephisto offered them a way out of Hell to defeat Blackheart, but he made them pledge to assist him when he called upon them at a later date. Upon arriving back on Earth, Flash gave his symbiote to Red Hulk, as well as the Spirit of Vengeance(which left Ghost Rider after she died), making him a Hulk-Venom-Ghost Rider hybrid being, set to kill Blackheart. I know I prob missed a lot, but that's the basics there.

    Here's the rundown, TRobb... I have 33 milk crates full of comics. I also have 3 31 Gallons/117 Liters Rubbermaid containers that hold a lot of the comics I'm not keen on reading anymore... Those containers hold a TON of books! I have two bookcases dedicated to only comics, mainly trades, but a few shelves hold complete runs of books in piles. Besides that I have at least 8 boxes full of comics that hold full runs of various canceled series. The crates are in my bedroom, as are the bookcases. The containers are in my living room closet, and the boxes are split between the bedroom and living room, depending on what they are and the likelihood I'd want to rad them again. The best thing about the crates is that you can always stack them if you run out of room. I haven't had to do that yet(they actually form a perimeter around my bedroom), but it's an option. The containers are REALLY great because they allow me to put a few hundred(thousand?) books in them. PLUS they're ALSO stackable! I probably have well over a thousand books in those containers alone. I also have various dresser drawers, and file cabinets for my comics, but the ways I listed above are the main way I keep them around.

  9. I've actually heard a lot of good things about I, Vampire, Lisha. You saying that really makes me want to read it now! I actually left those books(including the first issue since I remember NOTHING about it!) for my sister to read. I'm hoping to get them back over the weekend. It would be nice if I could read and review them all sometime towards Monday or Tuesday, but it kind of depends on what my work schedule looks like next week...

    I like that one of your days off goes to JT and the other goes to me! :D That makes me feel really good! But yeah, I am really happy I FINALLY got JT to read Avengers Academy, and am absolutely pleased that both you and him enjoyed it. There's another great comic we can all talk about now!

    That's so true, Lisha... I don't often think about the sheer numbers of comics I have. I mean for example, I haven't given them a proper count in over a year. But when I was actually counting the crates, boxes and containers, I was just floored by how damn many books I DO have! And you know when you move in I'll be sure to clear space for you! There's no reason to worry about that! :P