Monday, March 26, 2012

JT's Take: Justice League #7

Hey everyone, JT back once again with a review of this month's issue of Justice League. After not enjoying the last few issues of this super team's book, I'm hoping this issue with the promise of a new storyline will interest me enough to keep picking it up, so let's see shall we?

Justice League #7

Summary: In this issue we saw The Justice League ban together to take down a guy who transformed into a monster and uses little spore monsters to do his bidding or something. Colonel Steve Trevor and his team, A.R.G.U.S. try to take down the spores but basically held them off for the Justice League who came in and finished the job. Afterwards we saw a press conference where people asked why the Justice League don't just replace congress because they always save the world and are a good team. (What?) Anyway, from there we see Steve get questioned by his superiors about The League and Steve's relationship with Wonder Woman, but he basically says the people want the League to take Congress' job and maybe they should, so congress lays off. (What?!) After that we see a Video Chat with Steve and Wonder Woman that's interrupted by Cyborg, Batman, Green Lantern and The Flash who all say something to Steve, basically Tell Cyborg's dad not to try to hack communications, Batman says shut down the JLI (WHAT?! HE'S IN THE... okay...), Green Lantern asking for more food for the Watchtower, and Saint Barry being Saint Barry. After all of that, Wonder Woman asks Steve how he's doing, he says fine, she says good, and the chat ends. (WHAT?!?!?!?!?!) Then Steve tells his new secretary he loves Wonder Woman and told her so, so I guess she turned him down. The issue ends with the guy who wrote the book that documented what heroes the Justice League were in the last issue, writing a new book about how they're menaces and how Steve Trevor is the key to taking them down. WHAT?!

Thoughts: I'm done with this book. The last book took place five years ago, and before it debuted we were told we'd see a new team when the new arc started, yet, same team. Also, Geoff Johns still feels the need to give EVERY CHARACTER a line when all of them are on the page, so we get a bunch of panels with people saying one or two lines for no reason. Add that in with the fact the baddie of this issue was taken down off-camera for some stupid reason, and the fact that we're about to have an arc revolving around Steve Trevor, and you've got a recipe for a stupid book. If there was anything good about this, it's Jim Lee's art and that's about it. I really wanna drop this book but I'm tempted to keep it just so I can review this with Brightest Day rules... I'll let the comments section decide. Until next time, I'm Jason Todd, signing off.

Score: 1 out of 10.

JT: What?!


  1. Keep buying it and use Brightest Day rules. I haven't laughed that hard at a comic review since Brightest Day! Ha!

  2. JT, You're being generous even giving it a 1 out of 10 this issue deserves a flat out 0 it was boring uninteresting and stupid, not even Jim Lee's beautiful artwork could even make it enjoyable for me. Only good thing from this issue was the preview for SHAZAM and that was even ass IMO.

  3. Gene Ha did the artwork in this book. Regardless, it was terrible. I didn't hate the Shazam backup, however.

  4. I'm glad we're on a general consensus guys, I figured when I saw I had comments I'd be getting ripped, so glad I wasn't overreacting, hell, if anything it looks like I was under reacting! I only liked the SHAZAM thing because Billy ended up being a dick which surprised me, and good call for pointing out Gene Ha did the artwork, I assumed it was Lee.

  5. im gonna be completly honesly here.......... I liked this issue, the steve trevor stuff i felt was done well, gen has art isnt in Jim lee's league (lol no pun) but was still damn good. i particuarly like his wonder woman and aquaman.
    id be lying if i said the villians back gound story didnt have me strongly intested.
    and lastly i am extremly interested in the Shazam Back up. i truly wish it had gotten its own damn book instead of Drek like hawk and dove and the first arc of green arrow.(the new writer and artist on it now are better)
    and Gary Frank's Art in it is just as fantastic as aways.
    now about the diologue, johns is scaring me at times he seems to be taking too much from recent bendis's writing style.
    whats fucking bizzare is the huge diffrence in his writing here and in aquaman and green lantern witch have both been supurb, from the begining.
    im sticking with this series, in the hope that the villians story and the pandora storylines end up being worth it. plus the shazam back up
    and i also cant wait to see Jim Lee draw Mera and Hawkman, they where both memebers in that original line up pic so im hoping to see them in action in the book sooner rather than later.
    sorry you didnt like it man :( keep up the reviews tho

  6. I droped this title at issue 3, anyway I picked thi one hopefull that with the new arc startint and set in the present Geof could do it better, but it totally disapointed me..

    I hate the dialogue!! Waht the hell are all acting like kids! that is the goddamm Batman!! he is not fooling around like a nany behind the inmature Hal Jordan, sick..

    Steve trevor?
    The ONU or whtever founding the league?

    I goint to be looking forward to your review with Brigthest Day rules !!!

  7. HA! This sounds shockingly terrible... It actually DOES sound like Johns took a page out of Bendis's book here from the way you described the dialogue, JT... Bendis's Avengers books are notorious for characters randomly talking about nothing in the background. I honestly feel that's the ONLY reason Spider-Man even joined the Avengers, to start random conversations with other characters, but I digress...

    Oddly, this series is STILL blowing every other comic series out of the water sales-wise, but unless Johns can pick it up with the story, you have to wonder how much longer that'll continue(especially if Jim Lee ISN'T on art anymore since that probably had A LOT to do with the sales numbers). And you KNOW I'm hoping you'll stick with this series for a little while longer, if only for the sheer perverse pleasure I'll get out of you using Brightest Day Rules! :P

  8. Thanks for the comments guys, the general consensus seems to be Brightest Day Rules so I'll continue to shell out four bucks in hope that you'll all enjoy some good ol fashioned BDR at the expense of Geoff Johns and this Injustice of a League.

  9. I actually liked this comic a lot. It was worlds better than the first six issues of this series, that's for sure...and I actually liked Gene Ha's artwork here better than Jim Lee's art in the first arc.

    What I also liked was that Johns attempted some character development for the first time in this series. Sure, it was with Steve Trevor rather than any of the Justice League's members, but I'll still take it. I do have to agree with your confusion over the line-up though. Are we really meant to believe that the team is exactly the same (and that they're all wearing the exact same costumes!) after five years? That had to have been the thing that bugged me most.

  10. I kinda disagree, the first two or three issues of this series I was on board, but this along with the last few was horrible IMO, we barely got any info on what this super powered Baddie could do, he was taken down off-screen/panel/camera for the most part, and not once did he seem like a threat that should've garnered the attention of the League, if anything it seemed like Superman could have stopped him alone. And including Trevor here just seemed odd, he really had no place here, especially since he went from basically nothing to being the focus of this issue.

  11. The villain wasn't the point of the issue. If anything, I wish we'd seen less of him/it. The stuff with Trevor not only served as good character development for him, but it did the (arguably more important) job of setting up the Justice League's status quo in this new universe. As opposed to the pre-reboot universe, the new JL is almost like The Authority or the original Squadron Supreme, in that they're sort of being put into the position (whether they want it or not) to take care of the world not just physically, but politically too. I think that's a really interesting direction to take this comic -- it may turn out to be horrible, of course, but at least for now I'm on board with it.

  12. I had a nice reply ready but it's easier to just say okay Marc.