Saturday, March 10, 2012

Amazing Spider-Man #681

Alright, it's Spider-night! First up tonight is the latest issue of Amazing Spider-Man, and we'll close things out with the final part of the Venom: Circle of Four story. Let's get to it!

Amazing Spider-Man #681:

Summary: The Human Torch gets Spidey and John Jameson away from the Dr. Octopus controlled astronauts and races towards the FF's Pogo Plane, which brought Spidey and the Torch to the space station to rescue John in the first place. However, the Pogo Plane explodes... Probably due to some kind of Octopus-shenanigans. The trio decide to go to the shuttle that brought John to the station, but guess what, it explodes too! From there, Spidey has the Torch call Horizon Labs on the Torch's cell phone(which gets great coverage, even in space) and tells the scientists to get rid of all of the oxygen in the station, since that would knock out the Octo-possessed astronauts. Spidey, John and the Torch don spacesuits and can now movie about the station unmolested. Dr. Octopus, who was monitoring the station, is shocked and enraged to see Spidey there ruining his plans, and decides to send the station crashing down to Earth, killing everybody on board. Spidey rushes around and collects the unconscious astronauts(who should probably be dead by this point since they STILL have no oxygen...) and takes them to the Torch and John. The trio(and the unconscious and possibly dead astronauts) head to the space capsule on the station and disengage from the station. From there, the Torch manages to absorb the heat from reentering the Earth's atmosphere, while Spidey provides some web parachutes for a safe and easy landing. This one ends with Octopus telling his Sinister Six allies that his plans on the station were accomplished and that he could embark on his final master plan before he met his death.

Thoughts: Eh. Some of the banter between the Torch and Spidey(as well as John Jameson, who also had some good lines here) was good, but other than that, this one did little for me. Seriously, how the hell didn't those astronauts die!? They were without oxygen for what had to be several minutes! That part of the comic just totally took me out of the story here. Basically, the only thing of note to come out of this issue was that Doc Ock did SOMETHING up in space involving satellites and that action was the final step in giving us the upcoming Dr. Octopus mega-storyline.

Score: 6 1/2 out of 10.
amazing spider-man #681
You know, Doc Ock's current look is WAY better than his old, “Crazy/nerdy fat guy” look...


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