Saturday, March 31, 2012

Superman #7

Well here's a series I didn't expect to be picking up anytime soon! A quick confession... I've never been much of a Superman fan... Sure, prior to the DC reboot I collected all of the Superman books, but it was mainly because he was the FIRST comic book superhero, and as a comic fan, I felt that I HAD to read Supes. Post reboot though? I don't feel that way anymore... DC doesn't seem to care that Supes was The First, so why should I? Plus I really didn't enjoy the first issues of Superman or Action Comics. So why did I pick up THIS issue? Mainly because it looks like it's gonna have ramifications on both Grifter and Stormwatch, which are comics that have characters that I do like. So for at least this month, it's back to Supes...

Superman #7:

Summary: Supes is attacked by some weird robot-like creature in Metropolis and manages to dispatch it, leaving it for STAR Labs to take in. Meanwhile, we learn the robot was sent by the uber-powerful Daemonite, Helspont, to test Supes. Seeing that Supes was as powerful as he had hoped, Helspont decides that he wants Supes to team with him so he could cull the Earth and get revenge on those who wronged him... Yeah, I don't see Supes going along with that... With that, the robot Supes defeated earlier tracks Supes(as Clark Kent) down at the Daily Planet, which leads to Clark having to pull a quick change in order to battle the robot as Supes again. This time though, the robot teleports Supes to Helspont's hidden lair, where Supes meets Helspont. Helspont blathers on for a while, questioning why the Daemonites hadn't conquered Earth, why Earth had so many super-beings and why there was no Kryptonian domination of the universe. Supes gets tired of listening to Helspont ramble(and really, who could blame him?!), and says as much, which leads to an infuriated Helspont blasting Supes into unconsciousness with ONE blast(!!). For all intents and purposes, that ends this issue.

Thoughts: I skipped a lot of the Clark Kent stuff that happened in this one because, in plain English, I could care less. Once the storyline with Helspont ends, I'll be dropping Superman again. The character just does nothing for me. As for this issue? It was a bit of a letdown. Supes fought a robot, the robot brought Supes to Helspont, Helspont rambled, Supes insulted Helspont, Helspont blasted Supes, comic over. Since Helspont will be showing up again next issue, I'll be getting that one, but once Helspont is out of this book? So am I.

Score: 6 out of 10.
superman #7
Damn, even Helspont's dialogue bubbles look badass!!


  1. I don't and probably never will read superman either. I can't really explain why. People have told me "he's too much of a boy scout for you probably." To that I respond, well.. I am one of the biggest captain america fans i know so i don't think thats it. I can't say it is his power/power levels because I don't think it is. There is just something about him that i can find nothing interesting about him. I may be reading the wrong titles when i do read him however. That could very well be the case. I do like him in team books and elseworld tales, but not that much. It shall forever remain a mystery!!

  2. Same here... It's definitely not the boy scout thing, although Brubaker HAS made Cap a bit edgier than he's been(although he still is Marvel's ultimate boy scout), and it's not the powers, because that can be written around easily. I guess in a way if you've read one Supes vs ______ comic you've read them all. Plus all he really has is one great villain in Lex Luthor. His supporting cast is way inferior to Cap's.