Friday, March 2, 2012

Avengers #23

Ugh, it's time for Avengers... Or as it's become, the Norman Osborn show... I don't know what Bendis's obsession with Osborn is(is it the hair?), but if you think back to some of Bendis's earliest Marvel work(Ultimate Spidey), Osborn is a huge part of it... It's really quite weird...

Avengers #23:

Summary: Madame Hydra, on the orders of Norman “God” Osborn, offers to hand Captain America over to the US government provided the US tried the Avengers as war criminals and allowed Osborn and HAMMER to replace SHIELD(because that worked out SO well the last time). Cap actually has to tell the president not to negotiate with terrorists, at which time the president orders the army to take in Madame Hydra. However, her Hydra agents turn into Hulks and tear into the army. Meanwhile, Quake frees Spider-Woman, Iron Man, Storm & Red Hulk from their HAMMER captivity... Called it... The heroes prepare to go after God Osborn, but instead, God Osborn(brimming with superpowers) and a slew of Hand ninjas surround the heroes, ending this one.

Thoughts: There's not much for me to say here. It went down exactly as I expected. Quake, the most inexperienced Avenger(yes, she has experience, but not Avengers experience), ended up saving the more senior members of the team... It doesn't get much more clich├ęd than that. Besides that, Osborn is still being portrayed as a flawless god. So yeah, the Avenger fan in me didn't enjoy this comic much at all. On the plus side, it wasn't as bad as the last issue, so there's that... I guess...

Score: 4 1/2 out of 10.
avengers #23
*Gasp* I NEVER saw this coming!!!


  1. I am as much a misanthrope as the next misanthrope, but I am finding this story hard to swallow. I can see people putting Osborne in power once, and maybe in power again. But, I find it hard to believe that people would want him in power again after what, six months? And to do this they have to arrest the Avengers, including Captain America? I don't really see that happening.

  2. Thats the thing tho that made this story a bit more belevible as we see at the begining here, Obama turns hydra bitch down (effectivly turning osborn down) and calls her a madwoman. it would have gone to absurdity had he actepeted but that at least shows that bendis is still dealing with a little bit of logic left in that random banter laden brain of his. that last shot of osborn (witch was really drawn) i think we shouldnt asume that obama gave in i think that osborn is just saying he did to screw with the avengers and boot up his own ego.

    in new avengers this week the new avengers go after victoria hand and she reveals that (like jessica drew for so long) shes a triple agent she was working for cap the whole time while making osborn think she was working for him :)this actualy makes me happy as there are times during dark regin that i liked her.
    Jessica jones......semi broke up with luke cage WTF (not entirely clear on that)
    then as the new dark avengers are heading to kill the new avengers the gorgon reveals that they have cap in the basement and suddenly Skaar screams AVENGERS ASSEMBLE and goes ape shit on the other dark avengers it was priceless.

  3. oh speaking of bendis's obssesion with osborn, he wrote Ultimate The Death of Spider-man recently and osborn was a primary part of it also, and he tho osborn dies he still pretty much wins in the end. and there is this part where osborn babbles that god brought him back to life just so he could kill spider-man HA!
    twas a good arc tho

  4. Yeah, I don't really get Osborn's logic here, Jermox... But then again, I'm not insane, so maybe I'm not supposed to understand... Why would ANYBODY consider putting Osborn back in power after how spectacularly he failed last time? Hell, even Osborn himself in some small way should have some understanding of how terribly he faired while in power! You'd have thought that the president would have simply told Osborn to go to hell instead of even sending his secretary of state(or whichever cabinet member he sent to Madame Hydra) to hear out what Osborn wanted. Why even bother hearing him out at all? Simply giving Osborn(or his proxy) a meeting kind of legitimizes him...

    Yeah, Movieartman. I saw the end of this one in the same way. I don't see it as the president ceded anything to Osborn, I saw it as more of Osborn's big talk. The only weird scene was the military taking Avengers Mansion, but I'm going to simply say that was a matter of security and the military was going in to protect it with the Avengers not there. New Avengers sounds pretty interesting... I wish Gorgon would have been in Avengers. I liked him from back in those Wolverine stories. As for the Luke Cage/Jessica Jones thing, where the hell did THAT come from!? That's beyond weird... I remember hearing that Osborn was an integral piece of the Death of (Ultimate) Spider-Man. I'm def not shocked! :P That's a story I actually wouldn't mind picking up one day.

  5. ah you didnt miss much in regard to the gorgon he he severly wasted, it looks like might we might get a good fight between him and Iron fist next issue but who knows.
    if you want some more of the gorgon and quality with it i suggest Secret Warriors, gorgon was killed at the end of the wolverine arc u mentioned and then was brought back in secret warriors and was a big villian thru it!
    hopefuly we will get more of him in the future with a better writer than bendis and a story where he is not shoved to the background as he is here

  6. Really? I had NO idea that Gorgon came back in Secret Warriors! There's yet another reason to pick that series up! Thanks for the info, Movieartman!

  7. Seriously, you should be so glad you're not reading "New Avengers," because the combination of them is just a total Bendistrophe. He just absolutely believes that, by not telling us anything, he's being all mysterious. I mean, why would Obama meet with Hydra if he knew he were just going to demand H.A.M.M.E.R.'s surrender? Was it just so he could send in the military to take over their HQ? But, then, why send a woefully inadequate number of forces? Did he really believe H.A.M.M.E.R. couldn't defend itself against two or three batallions? And, what did H.A.M.M.E.R. think was going to happen? Obama was just going to hand over the Pentagon to Osborn because he had the Avengers? ARGH! It makes absolutely no sense. I am so close to just dropping these series and starting again when he's gone, even if it means I only miss an issue or two. ARGH!

  8. HA! I feel your pain, JW... I really do! And this right here? THIS is the reason I decided not to pick up New Avengers after Siege when they split the teams into the two books... I just couldn't bear reading TWO Bendis Avengers titles... I did it for a while with New and Dark, but I just couldn't deal with doing it again. And I hear ya. If you REALLY think about the story here, it makes NO SENSE!!! Osborn's arguments just don't hold water! I don't get why he has ANY support from the public. And the Hydra/Cap/army scene was the worst. That scene almost made it look like the president was GOING to try to make a deal with Osborn, at least until Cap helpfully reminded the president that the US didn't negotiate with terrorists... Ugh, bad, bad, bad... On the plus side I want you to know that I am SO going to steal "Bendistrophe"... :D

  9. Did you read #24? Enraged. I am enraged.

  10. I made sure to leave you a comment over at your post, my friend.