Sunday, March 4, 2012

Peter Parker: Spider-Man #31 (July 2001)

Hey everybody, it's X here with a new(old) review! Well, it's a new review of an old comic... In other words, it's a retro-review!! I have a few days here with no new books to review due to the small amount of new books I brought home this week, so I have to do something to fill this blog out... We'll see how many retro-reviews I can manage to pump out before my sleep-deprived mind shuts down...

Peter Parker: Spider-Man #31:

Summary: Some villain with a grudge against Spider-Man named Fusion managed to beat up on Spidey last issue and then blow up a building, killing 300 people. The next day Fusion demands to face Spidey again via a video to the media, leaving some cryptic hints, hints that tell Spidey who Fusion was and why he hated Spidey so... After some research, Spidey discovers that Fusion's 9 year old son died trying to emulate Spidey's web-swinging, so Spidey heads to the warehouse where the boy died, and sure enough finds Fusion waiting. It seems Fusion has just about every super-power under the sun(seriously!), AND can manage to fool Spidey's spider-sense. Spidey makes a gallant stand against Fusion, but is ultimately caught with a massive punch from Fusion which breaks Spidey's neck, ending this issue.

Thoughts: Huh, you know, I remember NOTHING about this comic! I mean I KNOW I read it because it's filed away in my comic collection and all, but I can't recall a thing about the way the story ends... Anyway, it's always kind of hard to have a lot of thoughts on a comic that's in the middle of a three part story... I didn't remember the events of PP:SM #30, nor do I remember the events of PP:SM#32, so I can only base my score on this one issue and not the storyline as a whole(which actually seems pretty good...). As a single issue, this comic wasn't that bad. It wasn't great, but it was a good, satisfying read. It was good enough to make me pull out the issues before and after this comic just to see how it ends, so you can't get much better than that I'd say!

Score: 7 1/2 out of 10.
peter parker spider-man #31
What do you do? If you're me you curl into a ball and cry probably... I'd be a terrible hero...


  1. Weird, I don't remember this issue either...or who the heck Fusion is. But I know I've read it, since I have this whole series (except for a couple of earlier issues). Just goes to show how memorable (not!) non-JMS Spidey was in the early 2000s, I guess.

    Also, the Hulk's face looks incredibly messed up in that second panel. He looks like...I dunno, Frankenstein or something.

  2. There was this mini series recently Thor Heaven and Earth, each issue was a diffrent standalone story,
    in the 2nd issue Fusion returns holds a buncha people hostage with huge amounts of c4 evreywhere and demands thor meet him there.
    fusion demands thor bring his son back to life, and to know why bad things happen to inocent people such as his son.
    the issue was Really damn good, written really deeply and touching. it puts Thor in a postion that he has to use his brains instead of his might. i strongly suggest the issue :)
    i dont know about the rest of the mini didnt read em, i probley should considering how good that issue was

  3. Then it wasn't just me who couldn't remember this story... I'll probably read the last part of this story tonight, mainly just to see if ANYTHING in it sets off some sort of memory... It's weird when you can't recall a single thing about a comic you know you've read!

    Huh, so Fusion DID show up again! That story def sounds like it might be worth picking up, especially if I can find it for a good price!