Monday, March 5, 2012

JT's Take: Justice League #6

Hey everyone, JT here once again with another review that you won't get from my blogging counterpart. That's right, I'm back with a review for the latest issue of Justice League. After the last issue got an abysmal score due to Batman revealing his identity to Hal Jordan, hopefully things only improve from here. So let's see how they turn out...

Justice League #6

Summary: In this issue we see the remaining members of the unnamed hero team, Aquaman, The Flash, Cyborg, Wonder Woman and Green Lantern all rushing Darkseid while saving civilians. One of the saved civilians later goes on to write a book about the team where he christens them "The Justice League". Anyway, we also get a look at Apokalips, as Batman manages to help free Superman from Desaad and Steppenwolf. Cyborg uses his powers to open a boom tube for Superman and Batman to emerge from, and Superman takes on a weakened Darkseid, thanks to Wonder Woman and Aquaman, and pushes Darkseid into the Boom Tube, which Cyborg then disables. Somehow that sends Darkseid and ALL the Parademons away, even though that makes no sense, he also manages to short out all of their mother boxes so they won't return for a while. He's pretty adept with his powers for a guy that literally was a normal teenager playing football like two hours ago. The issue ends with the Superheroes being thanked by the president then called on to save the world again. Yawn.

Thoughts: I'm not going to lie, I gave this a very half-assed review, and as much as I want to blame it on being tired from work, the truth is this issue just sucked. I mean, there is no way this group should have been able to beat Darkseid at their current incarnation. They barely worked together, Cyborg was such a rookie he should've never been able to do half the things he did, we got a awesome glimpse of the old school Wonder Woman and they ruined it by giving her an epic page to herself and having her say "HA!" as she stabbed Darkseid in the eye. That irked me so much that I can't even explain it. Add that in with the fact Batman barely did a damn thing and you get a really crappy comic. The sad thing is Geoff is doing excellent on Green Lantern and Aquaman, but for some reason he sucks on this book. Maybe he can't write so many characters at once, because some people have like four lines at most in this issue. (Aquaman, I'm looking at you!) I'll have to see the next line up for this upcoming arc because I'm not sure I can keep spending money on this book, hell, I may have to adopt X's Brightest Day Rules for the next issue. If there was a plus here I guess the fact that Jim Lee is an amazing artist would be it.

Score: 3 out of 10.
Green Lantern: I don't wear a costume. This is my uniform.
Aquaman: And this is Atlantean Scale Mail. Do they think I'd choose orange?


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  2. ok i need you to impress upon me what preciecly is bad about wonder woman in that page............................ she is an old school badass greek warrioress, and you expect her not to go for the killing blow when shes battling a being who is destroying the world! and this is the young full of youth and joy for battle wonder woman. this is probley only a few months after she first left he island.
    so yeah explain please :(

    and will you give your opinion on the "i gess they will call us super villians" page and the Pandora Story

  3. I hated that page because it completely took me out of the moment. This is a guy that's laid out Superman and is trying to enslave the Earth, and is clearly the biggest threat any of them have faced, so to see her yelling HA! Like an inebriated X-Man75 really made her seem less like a warrior and more like someone who got a lucky shot in.

    The other stuff I didn't care about. I'm not playing with the guess who's in the shadows game, I shouldn't have to for a story that was five years in the past. And the stuff with Pandora was just them talking in circles without giving any real answers but I'm curious what you thought of it.

  4. I wouldn't say that the issue sucked, but it was a little lackluster. That fight ended so quickly,there were times where I couldn't tell what was going on in the pages, and that backup was a little lackluster (the artwork was good though). I think the last couple of pages where they talked at the end was cool. I even chuckled a little at "The Super Seven" qoute.

  5. well i appretiate that you would like to here my opinion :)
    ok on the shadow people thing, the fact that his shadow resembles a vulture is intreaging, in coming issues we will get more info on them (in may i think) i think thev been waiting thease five years to make there real move agenst the super hero community, hopefuly it will be something epic and huge.

    pandora..... i want to know above all else why she is clearly Zealot from Wildstorm lol, that said here she looked caompletly human and in other shots that we had seen her in in the first issues she clearly had enlonggated claws, so we will probley see more than one form from her. i know realitvly nothing about the Phantom Stranger. but i do look forward to seeing the new 52 version of the Spectre, i wonder if hal jordan being the spectre is still in couninuity, unlikely.

    JT and X-MAN
    have you seen the Redesign of Captain Marvel, Shazam. what did you think of it (i love it, the hood is freaking people out and i mean it changes nothing about the character.) and i love the artist so im all on top of that.
    here is is if u havent seen it

  6. No problem dude, I'm very interested in what ya thought. I saw on some sites some people think it's Ra's Al Ghul because they called him a Demon or something of that nature.

    That's another thing everyone was saying, that Pandora looks just like Zealot, I didnt read Wildstorm but apparently they do look similar as hell and both use guns?

    I saw that today, it was interesting, I kinda like the design, its not too different but it definitely makes you take notice of SHAZAM.

  7. HA! @ WW saying "HA!" I know why it bugged you JT, because it made you think of me, and that'll ruin any comic book in no time flat. :P It def sounds like this series has been sucking the meat missile with gusto, I see... So Darkseid leaves, and the Parademons just follow him? Huh. And I love how Cyborg had such a major role in this(even though it sounds like he should have been fumbling around trying to understand his new powers instead of mastering them) as if Chairman Johns is going out of his way to prove WHY Cyborg is there since he is so obviously the odd man out. Well, here's hoping you hate the next issue too since I'd love to see you break out BDR's to score it. Yep, I'm openly hoping you don't like the next issue... That's what kind of a friend I am! :P

    Honestly? I don't really have an opinion on the Captain Marvel redesign, Movieartman... It's okay I guess, but unless they dramatically redesign the character himself(the Billy Batson version) I have very low expectations of that.

  8. I'm sorry you had to suffer through this comic, JT...but also thankful, because it resulted in X-Man using the phrase "sucking the meat missile with gusto." That made laugh harder than anything else I've read all week. :)