Saturday, March 24, 2012

Hellblazer #289

Last review of the night? Hellblazer. Yes, that was practically the same intro as I used for X-Factor earlier tonight... But like I said, I'm running on a very tight schedule here and don't have time to come up with a different intro! Just be lucky I replaced “X-Factor” with “Hellblazer”!

Hellblazer #289:

Summary: Constantine gets booted from Hell by a vengeful demon, and winds up trapped in a grave... Ah, Constantine... Meanwhile, Constantine's wife Epiphany is visiting Constantine's niece, Gemma, who was put in the hospital by Epiphany's scumbag of a father, Terry... Whew, get all that? Anyway, seeing Gemma in that state puts Epiphany in a rage, and she decides to confront her father and forgets about digging Constantine up at their prearranged time. The demon from Hell tries again to get Epiphany to give Terry's soul away, but Epiphany again turns the demon down. Eventually Epiphany finds her father and the two argue, culminating with Epiphany shoving her father into a ditch where he dies(!!). As for Constantine, he's rapidly losing air, but gets saved by Gemma, who saw an image of her mother(probably sent by Constantine) telling her to dig Constantine up. This issue ends with the demon from Hell offering to bring Terry back to life... If Epiphany signs Terry's soul over to him.

Thoughts: No complaints here. This was a good, solid comic that didn't really give me anything to gripe about. Hey, sometimes that's all I want in a quick read. This storyline finishes off next issue as Epiphany will make her decision, while Constantine no doubt tries to stop her from making any deals with demons. It SHOULD be good.

Score: 7 1/2 out of 10.
hellblazer #289
Ah Hell-demons... Always chopping heads off...

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