Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I, Vampire #4

Okay, last issue was the first time this series scored under an 8, let's see if we rebound here.

I, Vampire #4:

Summary: After arriving in Gotham City, Andrew leaves John and Tig behind to catch some Zzz's while he heads out to try to figure out what Mary's game was. While out and about, Andrew meets a fellow pacifist vampire and shares some tricks on becoming more powerful with this vampire before heading off. Unfortunately, the sudden rush of newfound power causes this vampire to run amok at a Gotham bar, running afoul John Constantine, who was in Gotham because... well, I'm not sure why. Let's say business and leave it at that. Constantine attacks the rampaging vampire with some magic, and manages to bring the vampire down. Before he can kill the vampire though, Andrew appears on the scene and knocks Constantine out. Andrew realizes that this vampire wasn't strong enough mentally to wield the power he was shown and prepares to kill him. Before dying, the vampire hands Andrew a pendant and begs Andrew to find his wife and daughter to tell them he wasn't a bad person. Andrew takes the pendant and kills the vampire. Naturally, the pendant reveals to a shocked Andrew that the vampire was actually Tig's father.

Thoughts: And the clich├ęs continue! Yes, the vampire who wanted to be a good guy but failed was naturally Tig's father. And Andrew killed him(instead of Constantine for whatever reason). You KNOW Tig is going to end up discovering this, which will almost definitely lead to a Tig/Andrew confrontation down the road. Blah. Besides that, everything else in this one was really enjoyable. Andrew was given a bit more depth to his character, as we see him trying to teach tricks to other vampires, while also showing us that he is MUCH stronger mentally than other vampires since he could use his more powerful abilities and NOT lose control. We took a bit of a break from Mary here, but I was okay with that since that'll stretch out the main story in this series a bit longer.

Score: 8 out of 10.
i vampire #4
Constantine's line here about the shotgun was all sorts of awesome...

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