Sunday, March 18, 2012

Ultimate X-Men #9

Okay, I'm gonna start hitting speed-review mode, seeing as that I still have a few books to read and the coming week is gonna be murder on me work-wise. So let's start blowing through these reviews! As always, if I skip something or glance over it, send me a comment or an e-mail and I'll be happy to fill you in more.

Ultimate X-Men #9:

Summary: This issue takes place fully in Camp Angel, which is a mutant... um, let's say internment camp, just to be nice. Storm has had a large role in keeping the mutants relatively calm, at least until the mutants see Valerie Cooper's broadcast where she says the US government was responsible for creating the world's mutants. This sends the trapped mutants into a tizzy, so the commanding officer at the camp tries to calm the mutants down by making a speech which basically amounts to him saying that he had no clue what the government was talking about. By this point Storm has cut her hair and is through playing nice, which leads to this issue ending with Storm confronting the commanding officer after destroying a Sentinel.

Thoughts: Meh. This was the third(it was at least the third actually) issue of this series where we didn't see Jimmy and his band of X-Men... Which is kind of weird. Last issue was a spotlight on Quicksilver(or Jean, or something), while this one was a spotlight on Storm. So we had a storyline about a Stryker(I don't care to remember which one), and then we moved away from the main team for a few issues... Of a new series!!! That's just plain bizarre. And since this issue ended in a cliffhanger, you'd have to think we'll STILL be away from the main team of X-Men for at least one more issue. That's all kinds of strange...

Score: 6 1/2 out of 10.
ultimate x-men #9
Now that Storm cut her hair you KNOW it's on!


  1. While reading this comic I was expecting a mohawk.

  2. Same here! I guess in the Ultimate Universe, this look made sense for Storm, but I swear, once she started hacking off her hair I would have bet money that she'd be showing up with a mohawk!

  3. If there was a mohawk in the comic would you bump the rating up to 7?

    I loved Ultimate X-Men and I really hope this series finds its legs soon so I can jump back in.

  4. HA! Maybe I would have, Sam... Maybe I would have... That mohawk was probably worth at least a 1/2!

    Agreed. I loved the original series, but this one is still kind of all over the place. And I think we're getting a writing change soon, which isn't going to help with the stability of this series...