Saturday, March 3, 2012

Green Lantern: The New Guardians #6(Brightest Day Rules)

Ugh... Here's a comic that I've been actively avoiding for the past week and a half... With the small haul from the comic shop this week, I figured I might as well bite the bullet and give this comic a read... I'll be using Brightest Day Rules to score this one, so it could get ugly... REALLY ugly...

Green Lantern: New Guardians #6:

Summary: Invictus attacks the various groups of New Guardians beating them up until they are forced to regroup together. Invictus follows them(by traveling through the statues his followers built for him) and is incensed to see Glomulus... As am I, Invictus... As am I... The New Guardians attempt to take Invictus down, but he beats them all until only Saint Walker is left standing. Walker tries to use his ring to help fix/cure Invictus's mind, but is shocked to find there was nothing wrong with Invictus's way of thinking. With that, Invictus knocks Walker out. This one ends with Red Lantern Bleez trying to find Kyle for some reason.

Thoughts: You know... This wasn't a very bad comic... In all honesty, it doesn't deserve to be scored with Brightest Day Rules, but a promise is a promise, so onward we go. Right off the bat +5 for a good story, +5 for good art and +10 for no Larfleeze! So we're rolling right off the bat! -2 for Kyle somehow forcing his ring to contact the other New Guardians even though his ring initially claimed it couldn't do it. -5 for Glomulus being in this comic... Sorry, I hate that thing! -3 for the one time that Indigo Lantern said “Nok”... Seriously, why does he talk that gibberish garbage when he's not around other Indigo Lanterns?! Hell, another -1 just for making me ponder that! +3 for Invictus's bad-ass response to Fatality questioning what kind of angel he was. +2 for Arkillo calling Walker a “Blue worm”. -5 for Glomulus being part of the calvary here... See, I DO hate that thing! -3 for Saint Walker being the only Lantern left standing after the battle with Invictus... Really? Saint Walker?? +1 for the fact that Saint Walker didn't say “All will be well” in this issue. -3 because I could care less about Bleez and hate the idea that she's gonna rescue the rest of the New Guardians...

Score: 5 out of 10. Hey, check THAT out! This is one of those RARE occasions where a comic reviewed using Brightest Day Rules actually comes away with a positive score! That should tell you how great a writer Tony Bedard is(which I always knew from his REBELS work). If I wasn't using BDR's I'd have probably scored this comic at around a 7 or so, so yeah, this comic was WAY better than expected. So kudos to Bedard and the rest of the creative team on this series.

green lantern new guardians #6
Yeah, I can definitely see myself becoming a fan of Invictus...


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  2. i still refuse to even touch this book till they bring back the old Star Shapire outfit, the new one sucks, and i love Fatality

    i was thinking what do you think will happen with Cain marko now that Colossus is the (bald)Juggernaut, i was thinking that now that His head is 100% Clear of Outside influences, he can truly start to dedicate himself to redemtion, and mabye return to the thunderbolts (r u still reading that) and mabye they will like give him somekinda juggernautlike Hulk buster armor as his tools/weapons as his member on the team.
    has he been in The Fearless at all cus he was on the first issues cover (but he was also in his juggenaut armor so that dont mean crap)

  3. oh hey yeah just so you know, here is whats happening in Uncanny X-men this arc
    the x-men are exploring Tabusa lala or somthing its the town that holocost destroyed in the dark angel saga, and then angel re populated it and sped time up like amillion years, so theres this wholeecosystem out there with sentient life (its pretty much a new savage land with much more bizzre life than dinosours in it)
    i bring it up cus that will play some part in Avengers vs x-men, at least in the tie in's witch u said u where reading so i thought u would want to know :)
    hope ya days going good, rock on!

  4. Yeah, I'm a big fan of Fatality too, Movieartman... With that said, I really don't like her as a Star Sapphire... I liked her WAY more as an ass-kicking GL enemy.

    That Juggernaut idea is actually a REALLY good one! I can't see why Fixer or Mach-V can't rig up some sort of power suit that could mimic Juggy's powers for Marko. I mean yeah, obviously it wouldn't be AS powerful as his Juggernaut powers, but like you said, there's no reason it can't be Hulkbuster strong. And since Juggy is finally free of outside influences, why not put him on the T-Bolts to REALLY work towards redemption? I mean hell, I'm sure a good lawyer could even get his Juggy crimes dropped. And nope, he hasn't been a part of Fearless at all so far, even though he was on at least one cover... I hate when a character is on a cover and then doesn't even show up IN the series...

    Cool, thanks for the info on Uncanny X-Men. I actually like the idea of the X-Men checking out that place 'cause it kind of brings the X-books together, like they're kind of connected.