Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Avengers Assemble #1

Last review for the day? The THIRD monthly Avengers title Marvel will be putting out... And yes, it's written by Brian Bendis... Because he has to write EVERY Avengers title, I guess. I am a tiny bit hopeful that Bendis will steer clear of his usual insanity and give us some old school Avengers action in this series, since this series is obviously geared towards people interested in the Avengers movie, and not interested in Bendis's man-crush on Norman Osborn... Or at least that's what I'm hoping...

Avengers Assemble #1:

Summary: What a bad name for a series... Great battle cry, bad title... Anyway, we begin with a new version of the Zodiac forming. From there, the Avengers unveil their newest home(or one of them anyway), a rebuilt Avengers Tower. We switch from that scene to the desert where the Hulk is watching the army transport something. A water based member of the Zodiac(Aquarius I'd guess) attacks the army, which brings the Hulk into the fray to help the army... Who naturally misunderstands and figures Hulk was working with the Zodiac member. Eventually (probably) Aquarius escapes with an object the army felt was very important. Hulk also leaves after getting a piece of (probably) Aquarius's costume. From there, Hawkeye and the Black Widow are in Latveria tracking down the stolen object when they run into the massive Taurus. Thor and Iron Man respond and engage Taurus, while Hawkeye and Widow steal the object from Taurus's forces and try to escape. Unfortunately for the Avengers, Taurus defeats Thor and Iron Man(!?!) and throws Thor through the truck Widow and Hawkeye were trying to escape in, ending this one.

Thoughts: Eh, same Bendis, different title. While I am grateful that Norman Osborn didn't pop up here, the dialogue was still the same dialogue Bendis has been using for years now... The stuttering, the repeating, the inane conversations, they were all still here. Now, the story has some potential, as Bendis is at least giving us a threat from the Avengers past(for a change), but with a twist. I'm interested in seeing where this series is going to go, but I must admit, I am a bit disappointed in what we got here as well. Oh, and I love how Hulk and Thor were here even though things haven't been straightened out for them in their own series's...

Score: 6 1/2 out of 10.
avengers assemble #1
Mayhaps the Avengers should have stuck with Tanarus...


  1. This whole line-up makes no sense whatsoever (you know apart from the whole these guys are going to be in the movie even though in all my comic book reading years i never recall seeing the hulk as a main avenger)isnt black widow supposed to be with bucky? Hawkeye is a secret avenger now, I can tell just by looking at this comic that the timeline is all screwy. What im saying is that bender is gaping at a lot of threads here and whether he likes it or not he probably isn't allowed to deviate from a plan he was given for this undoubtably short lived series: Introduce movie characters, show how awesome each character is individually, show each character get beaten when they try to face a certain foe alone, after much banter and chaos arrive to the genius conclusion that by teaming up they may stand a chance, team up and defeat the foe. Obviously since bender is writing this we can expect so much reading we might as consider this an attempted (and poorly at that) work of literature.
    I do not think I will be picking up this series.

  2. Heh, "Bender"... I like that!! I may have to swipe that one... Yeah, the timeline IS all messed here, it MUST take place in the future/present, although it would have made more sense if it took place in the past(pre-disassembled), since that would have allowed some of the characters(Hawkeye, Widow, Hulk, Thor) a reason for being here(although Hawkeye's costume makes that impossible). I will say this, I liked this comic WAAAAY more than Bendis's recent Avengers work, but then, I only gave this issue a 6 1/2, so that's not exactly a ringing endorsement...

  3. Hawkeye's costume might as well be his current one or any one actually because he doesn't even wear his classic costume in the movie, he's a friggin shield agent, i mean thats what someone might call an oxymoron right? Rules and regulations and what not are the opposite of everything Hawkeye stands for.
    Btw did you see the new posters I dont know how i feel about maria hill but i swear that if we ever get a civil war movie...

    OMEGA RED RETURNS...... errr omega red knock offs APPEAR (lol)


  5. Too bad you felt this way about avengers assemble. I had low expectations, but with this lineup I still had a lil hope that team bread and butter (bendis+bagley) could give us something worth reading.i like the art on the cover, but dunno if it's good enough to justify another $4 with all of the books I'm reading these days.

  6. Yeah, the Hawkeye costume thing is a big deal to many huge Hawkeye fans. Like most Hawkeye fans, I like the classic duds, and would have loved to have seen him wearing those in the movie. But, I guess the bigwigs at Marvel thought the Ultimate Hawkeye look was "cooler" so they went in that direction... In all honesty, I'm just glad Hawkeye actually made the cut for the movie, so I'm fine with whatever he's wearing! :D I actually didn't see the poster, Anon... But yeah, Civil War was what actually got me collecting DC books, after a lifetime of only picking up Marvel books... THAT'S how much I hated that storyline, so a Civil War movie would have ZERO interest from me.

    Thanks for the links, Movieartman. I'm glad to see Omega Red back, he's always been a pretty awesome looking character. And that Helicarrier? That thing looks sweet!

    Yeah, the best thing I can say about Assemble is that it was better than Avengers has been lately. Sure, that's a backhanded sort of comment, but still.