Friday, March 9, 2012

Stormwatch #7

First up tonight is the one and only DC book I scored this week... And that's about as much of an introduction I can muster...

Stormwatch #7:

Summary: Something bad happens near Chernobyl, so Midnighter sends Apollo to check it out since they were on monitor duty. However, the team leader, Engineer, told the two to report any findings back to her before doing anything... Apollo ends up facing some sort of creature from a parallel dimension that was mining gravity, since it's dimension was devoid of gravity. The creature dominates Apollo, at which time Engineer sends Hawksmoor, Jenny and the Martian Manhunter to extract Apollo. They also manage to capture the creature, but upon returning to the ship, the ship itself tries to attack the creature, since the creatures were enemies to the Daemonites(and the ship itself was a Daemonite). This allows the creature to get free, at which point it rushes Apollo and vanishes with him. This issue ends with the Manhunter basically telling Engineer that nothing could be done to stop these creatures and that the universe was doomed.

Thoughts: Okay, before I get into the story, two things here caught my attention... The first was the cover of this one. Did you see DC's new logo on it? It's HORRIBLE! You can barely even make it out, especially with that banner across the top. You'd think they'd want to emphasize the DC logo so people would know that yeah, this was a DC book, but I guess not. The other thing was the fact that the creatures in this comic were supposedly from an alternate dimension... I thought the DC “braintrust” and I use THAT term lightly, had decreed there were only 52 other dimensions, or some such nonsense... Since DC has limited their alternate dimensional possibilities, how can these creatures be from another dimension? Eh, I'm probably just over-thinking stuff again... As for this comic, it was okay. It wasn't great, but it also wasn't awful. No real complaints here.

Score: 7 out of 10.
stormwatch #7
That's probably not a good thing...


  1. Dimensions do not equal universes, so there is no issue there.

    I think you were generous with the score here. Stormwatch just does not work for me, as with most of the New 52 books (even now). Mind you, it could be worse. It could be Justice League...

  2. Hey Nagash. Idk about the dimension/universe thing... In Marvel the What If comics were all about alternate dimensional stories, and each different dimension they would label with a different Earth-#. It could def be different with DC though.

    I'm still kind of high on Stormwatch. Out of all of the new 52 books, it's one of my favorites. But by and large, I don't like 90% of the new DC books, which is definitely not a good thing...

  3. This post has nothing to do with StormWatch; however, it's ya boy young Rad-T back with an intriguing announcement in regards to Nate Grey, X's and my favorite comic character. Earlier X, a fellow blogger mentioned Age of Apocalypse and you down that one quick. However, you may want to second chance it because the end of that issue revealed Prelate Summers is alive (humanities new mutant lead with Jean Grey's powers gone) and will be the feature in AOA's next issue. That's awesome because Nate's true parents are both alive and I bet a future meeting with those 3 will be on the horizon somewhere down the line. I believe Marvel Co will make Summers the mutant rival and lead against Omega Wolvie with Jean (Wolvie's wife) being the center focus.

  4. Hmm... That's kind of interesting, that we'll have a good Scott and Jean working together against an evil Wolverine... I mean, all it would take is one moment of passion and bang, there's baby Nate! :D IDK of that'll be enough to get me to pick that mini up(prob not considering all the extra books I'll be snagging in the next months), but I'm def more interested in that mini now than I was before. Thanks for the heads up, RadT!

  5. 'Sup? :D

    People always get muddled up between the two. But we live in a universe, of which we can perceive three dimensions. Basic physics that really. But yeah, they might have their own term, though I assumed it was the vaguely physic-y one.

    I buy all of three DC books now: Batwoman, Demon Knights and Frankenstein: Agent of S.H.A.D.E., all of which come out on the same day. And all of those have nothing to do with the reboot.
    I read some other titles, but for the most part, I am pretty sick of them: Aquaman, Batman, Batman & Robin, Green Lantern, Justice League, JLI, Stormwatch, Teen Titans and Voodoo. TT and JL especially.
    I also read Action Comics, Animal Man, Batwing, Resurrection Man and Wonder Woman, which are all alright. Not a fan of the direction they are taking with Wonder Woman's birth, but the story itself is entertaining. Gods & Mortals is still a better origin, which also came about after a reboot.

    What other books are starting soon then?
    Only one I know of from DC I actually want to read is more Batman Incorporated.
    Still so very annoyed from the loss of Stephanie Brown and Cassandra Cain. And most things from the reboot really.

    I read the first of the new Age of Apocalyse, and I could not finish it. Just was all kinds of bleh.

  6. If that is the case, I'd figure they'd go for an AoA version of Rachel Summers, especially with 616 Rachel going by the last name Grey now. But that would be something if they indeed did birth another Nate Grey. I guess they would call him Nathan Summers...Nate Grey's identical baby brother. How's that for weird. Who knows, maybe he (if born) will be the Nathan that Forge met originally in the X-man Annual (the future Nate who planned those events). Although that would be quite confusing. I think it would be cool if they gave birth to another Summers/Grey child altogether just to mix things up, instead of a genetic experiment Nate Grey heralded from AoA which now lives in earth 616 and a natural birth Nathan Summers who is born of exact genetics from the same donors and remaining in the AoA. But it would be an extremely different twist from Cable and the clone Stryfe. This would be an genetic engineer and a natural creation of the same person born at different times of the same exact reality. But quite confusing, yet acceptable none the less. What's your thought X?!

  7. I kind of love the idea of Scott and Jean having a son(and naming him some variation of Nate/NAthan/Nathaniel, although that may make things a tad confusing...) in the AOA, and then the kid staying there. That would open up SO many doors. I mean for example, you could follow the adventures of Nate 2 via a second AOA mini-series. You'd have to think that by the end of the current AOA mini the AOA universe will be even WORSE than it is now! It would be pretty cool to see that messed up world through the eyes of a teenage Nate 2 with massive powers and plenty of people wanting to use those powers. Plus it could always lead to Nate somehow returning home and learning that he had a little brother(or sister), which would open up all sorts of other stories. I'd be ALL for that playing out!

  8. Well I don't seem to have all the problems with the new 52 as much as I read from others. Stormwatch and Green Lantern are my top ones. I feel the writting of Stormwatch has keep the feel of the wildstorm universe although I'm not crazy about the merging cause I know a lot of the characters outta of wildstorm will never make it to an already crowded main DC universe. Where the hell is The Doctor?? At anyrate I'm very much enjoying Stormwatch although I'm nervous about these switching of writers. Another new one comes on board issue 9. People need to accept what DC is trying. People complain about the old one, especially Superman but when DC try a new direction or breath some life in a dated character people still bitch.